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Mallee Post Free Agency “Eagles Only” Mock 3.0

3 April 2020 DRAFT

Eagles Nation, the combine is complete and free agency is on the horizon. The offseason is about to heat up and I can’t wait to see what Howie has in store for us. About a two months ago, I did my first Mallee “Eagles Only” Mock 1.0. One month ago, I did my second “Mallee Post Combine “Eagles Only” Mock 2.0,” now it’s time to throw another mock out there and really lock in on some strategies and key prospects. ( You can find prospects profiles on my draft hub)

Off-season Summary:

All of the Eagles 2020 off-season moves can be viewed here.

Free Agency Summary:
  • 03/25: Agreed to terms with CB Nickell Robey-Coleman on a one-year contract.
  • 03/21: Agreed to terms with LB Jatavis Brown on a one-year contract and S Will Parks on a one-year contract.
  • 03/19: Agreed to terms with CB Darius Slay on a three-year contract extension through 2023.
  • 03/19: Agreed to terms on a trade with the Detroit Lions to acquire CB Darius Slay in exchange for a 2020 third-round (No. 85 overall) draft pick and a 2020 fifth-round (No. 166 overall) draft pick.
  • 03/18: Agreed to terms on a three-year contract with DT Javon Hargrave.
  • 03/17: Agreed to terms with S Rodney McLeod on a two-year contract and DB Jalen Mills on a one-year contract.
  • 03/17: Agreed to terms with QB Nate Sudfeld on a one-year contract.
  • 03/16: Agreed to terms with DT Hassan Ridgeway on a one-year contract.

Mock Draft 3.0

This saying gets tossed out there all of the time; however, I truly believe that this is one of the most important off-seasons in franchise history. Why? Simple. It’s Carson Wentz’s fifth year as QB1 in Philadelphia and as content as we are with 3 straight playoff appearances and a Super Bowl since his arrival, our hunger is not yet satisfied. We all know that Carson can be better, but we have to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge how much he’s been up against since the jump. It is in the past though. No one cares about NFC East championships or empty stats. There’s only one goal in mind. Lombardi.

Carson has proven that he can operate this offense at a high level without elite talent but why operate this way if it can be avoided. People are pessimistic about Howie and this team because of past failure. I am optimistic because even through those failures, we have been successful and the idea of us fixing those mistakes opens up so many possibilities. How has slowly but surely filling the needs of this team working to put us in the best position to succeed. We are exactly 20 days from draft night so let’s dive into the picks and the prospects.


The Philadelphia Eagles have come to agreement with the GreenBay  Packers for Philadelphia’s 21st pick and 103th pick for Green Bay’s 30th pick and 62nd pick.

Trade Valuations:

Green Bay 1.30=620 and 2.30= 284 Total 904

Philadelphia 1.21=800 and 3.39 (comp)=88 Total 888

30 (1st round via GB)Jalen Reagor, WR TCU

Jalen Reagor can FLY. He is one of the most electric players with the ball in his hands and his effort when the ball is in the air is incredible. He demands a safety to have eyes on him at all times. Implementing him in the offense while still having DJax for another year would open up the entire offense. The tight ends would regularly find openings in the seams and the defense would not be able to stack the box. This is a loaded draft class but Reagor and Ruggs are the two main guys with rare game changing speed. The Eagles should have the inside track for Jalen because his dad Montae is an ex-Eagle player and staff member. Jalen recently face timed new hired WR coach Aaron Moorehead. The fit is just too right. Jalen would be a difference maker for us. He could be this classes Steve Smith Sr with Percy Harvins versatility and dynamic playmaking ability.

This might remind you of something and someone…

53 (own 2nd round)Damon Arnette, CB Ohio State

Darius Slay Jr. is the clear cut CB1 but with the addition of Damon Arnette, we’d have two alphas. Arnette is the lesser known of the Ohio State CBs but don’t let his lack of notoriety down play this mans talent. Ohio State always completes with LSU to take the claim as DBU and Okuda and Arnette definitely helped their schools claim to the thrown. Arnette’s combine was less than impressive which is why I believe he’ll slide to 53 or close enough for a trade up. Don’t let the combine scare you away, he is a shadow corner and after he works with Slay and coach Manuel, he’ll be locking up star WRs in no time.

Stats: (47 games) 104 Solo Tackles, 36 Asst Tackles, 140 Combined Tackles, 4 TFL, 5 INT, 1 TD, 22 PD, 1 FR & 2 FF

62 (2nd round via GB)Lloyd Cushenberry, OG/C LSU

I think Hennessy or Lloyd Cushenberry would be solid here, but I can’t get over Cush absolutely stonewalling Kinlaw at the Senior Bowl on top of being the core of the LSU championship line. Regardless, I think the Eagles value the offensive line and its depth too much to not grab the champ himself.  He is recognized as one of the best lineman in the nation and it is time to realize that Kelce’s time is winding down we need to replenish the line. We already secured Carson an explosive weapon in Reagor and gave Jim a potential star in Arnette, so let’s make sure 11 is protected.

127 (own 4th round)Logan Wilson, LB Wyoming

Linebackers… I think the Eagles are allergic to that word and position but I think they can even agree that Logan Wilson in the fourth round is worthy of their attention. I could see Wilson going earlier but this class has some sneaky depth as well. I’m a huge fan of 5 or so LBs but I just think Wilson fits their scheme, culture, and value system for LBs.

145 (4th Round comp pick)AJ Dillon, RB Boston College

Has been and will continue to be one of my favorite moves we could make this off-season. With the departure of Jordan Howard, AJ Dillon is THE guy. AJ is 6’1 250 and just ran a 4.53 40 and was the highest rated SPARQ RB. He is a tank. Miles will fly around the field all game long, Boston will leave LBs with broken ankles and broken dreams, then AJ will step on their throats until they suffocate and the clock hits zero. Violent? Absolutely. No more paddycake football. We need a player who makes other teams quit and that’s AJ Dillon.

146 (4th Round comp pick)Justin Strnad, LB Wake Forest

It is no secret that Philadelphia needs help at LB. We already grabbed a stud in Logan Wilson; however, Justin Strnad is too high of a value pick here in a position of need. Justin is a phenomenal football player and an even better human being. Awesome coverage LB and just has a real natural feel for the game. He is a leader and just a relentless defender. He has great instincts, ball skills, and feel for the game. A young core of Wilson, Strnad, and Edwards would be fun to watch.

169 (5th round via NE)James Proche, WR SMU

James Proche has been one of my favorite WRs to study in this loaded class. I first noticed him when I was scouting Courtland Sutton, his former SMU teammate who tore up the league last year after finally earning some playtime. Proche can play all over the field but he is a terror in the slot. Daniel Jeremiah, ex-Eagles scout and one of the most respected men in the field believes Proche has the best hands in the draft. He is an absolute steal in the mid to late rounds.

191 (6th Round via ATL)Geno Stone,  S Iowa

The Eagles made it a point to secure several safeties for this season and add some depth as well. However, Mills and Parks are only under contract for this year so it is best to add a young understudy. We could very well add a few guys I like early on like Delpit, McKinney, Dugger, Chinn, Davis, Winfield, but I think we need to lock up WRs, CBs, and IOLs early on. Geno Stone is just a fooball player. He sees ball and gets ball. His stock is all over the place but many mocks have him sliding to around this range. I would to have him here to rotate with Mills and Parks.


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