Mallee “Eagles Only” Mock 1.0

6 February 2020 DRAFT

Eagles Nation. Draft season is approaching and it is my responsibility to make sure that you are all the most informed and prepared fans going into draft night. For the past month, I have been doing my best to just get names out there so you can all familiarize yourself with them. Understand that ADPs (average draft positions) for these guys will be changing a lot. All of this is pre-free agency, pre-combine and pre-pro day so a lot can change. We may move up, we may move back, but this mock is to mainly put out the main people I would be targeting and the potential round we would be looking to get them. Enjoy the mock draft and understand that it’ll get a lot more precise after we get further along in the process.

CJ Henderson would be a no brainer here for me. The Eagles have not drafted a pro bowl CB since 2004. Henderson is one of the most dominate corners I have watched over the past few years. In the SEC, CJ would regularly be 1v1 with Calvin Ridley, Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs, Justin Jefferson, Ja’Marr Chase, etc. In 2018, he allowed 0 TDs. He is 6’1″ 215, runs like a track star, but is an absolute technician. Mentally tough and is always bringing the energy and his effort is out of this world. He needs to refine his tackling ability, but the kids got a lot of heart and his coaches heavily endorse him. He’d be CB1 for a long time and would break our no pro-bowl streak.

Jalen Reagor can FLY. Expected to run a 4.29 or better at the combine, Reagor’s draft stock can only rise. To get Reagor, we’d most likley have to move up a little bit in the 2nd or if we love him, 21 isn’t out of the question. He is one of the most electric players with the ball in his hands and his effort when the ball is in the air is incredible. He demands a safety to have eyes on him at all times. Implementing him in the offense while still having DJax for another year would open up the entire offense. The tight ends would regularly find openings in the seams and the defense would not be able to stack the box. This is a loaded draft class but Reagor and Ruggs are the two main guys with rare game changing speed.

Malik Harrison is coming from a long line of NFL ready LBs that come from OSU. Harrison is an absolute force in the second level. Receivers and running backs are definitely running with their heads up when they are coming across the middle when Harrison is there. He showed huge improvement in technique in regards to his coverage skills at Senior Bowl. He is a plug and play day 1 starter from everything I have seen.

If you are worried about the Birds losing a step when Kelce retires, don’t worry because Michigan’s Ben Bredeson is the man to step in those shoes. Starting as a true freshman, Bredeson has been the stabilizing force for the Michigan offense. He is incredible in space and regularly makes 2-3 blocks in a single play. A young core of Dillard, Seumalo, and Bredeson to pair with Lane and Brooks would be incredible.

Here is one of my favorite players in the entire draft, wide receiver Antonio Gandy-Golden. 6’3 225 and he can move. His quick feet, long speed, and hip mobility is VERY rare for some of his size. People questioned if he was just dominating because of lesser competition, then Liberty moved up and he torched teams like Baylor, so people starting paying attention. Then he was on the radar at the Senior Bowl where he checked every box against of some of the best players in the nation and even finished the game with a TD. After the Eagles add some burners on offense, AGG would be a perfect compliment. AGG is a guy who can catch a ball in triple coverage, catch a dig across the middle, or even house call a screen pass. He’s special. One super underrated skill is his blocking. DBs become like a steering wheel as he gets his hands on and just turns them wherever he wants them to go. He could very well fly up draft boards, but remember how much draft capital we have. He is most certainly a name to keep your eyes on.

Dugger has been an intriguing prospect for some time now but we all saw him show out against top competition in the Senior Bowl. The kid is just a football player, and a pretty darn good one at that. He was asked to play DB, LB, and RB in college and rarely was off the field. His effort and heart cannot be measured. He is an incredible run stopper who can go sideline to sideline and deliver a game changing hit. He is solid in coverage and with our new DB coach, I think he has every year pro-bowl potential with his skill set and desire to improve.

Alton Robinson checks every box physically and mentally. He is an instinctual player who is quick to attack and a sure tackler. Needs to refine some hand and leverage skills but defensive line coaches have plenty to work with here. There were questions about his character prior to college but he’s been a team and fan favorite ever since he stepped on campus. With the right fit such as the Eagles where he could be inserted into a rotation, Robinson could become a great pass rusher in the league.

Darnay Holmes is exactly the type of CB that Schwartz loves and he would be a steal after securing a CB1 in Henderson early on. I’m a huge fan of several CBs such as Fulton, Arnette, Gladney, Pride, etc but Holmes really has impressed me as of late. He shined in the Senior Bowl against some of the top WRs. Holmes is much like Maddox, but I would say he’s a little quicker and even more aggressive. He fights through contact and a more than willing tackler. His make-up-speed is elite and he would be a solid add to our DB room that may be seeing a few familiar faces leaving.

I was and will always be a Jordan Howard guy, but a looming contract year may be the end of his tenure in Philadelphia. We truly missed his presence as the hammer of the offense in the back half of the year. We saw the Titans utilize Derek Henry and ride him all the way into the playoffs. Luckily, there is a young RB named AJ Dillon who will be able to be a day 1 difference maker as a compliment to Sanders. Dillon has been the entire offense for Boston College for years and has dominated. People don’t want to or simply cannot tackle the bruiser. His contract would be cap friendly and his skill set would be extremely useful.

This is one of the most underrated players in the entire draft. Justin Strnad is all heart and he’s been an absolute star for the Wake Forest defense. His stock has dropped because of an upper body injury last year, but he is already close to a full recovery. His coaches rave about his leadership and play making ability. The play that really stuck out to me was against Florida State as he ran down a receiver for 50 yards, saved a TD, and knocked the ball out and forced a turn over. That’s the type of player and person I want on my team. A young core of Strnad, Harrison, and Edwards would really bring a lot of athleticism and aggression that we have been missing in the linebacker core.

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