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Host , Writer

Gayle Saunders

Gayle Saunders is a former writer for NBC Sports' Rotoworld.com, where he was a NFL draft writer for 2 years. Gayle has written about the NFL for over 9 years and has a scary passion for Fantasy football. When not talking about football, he has over 16 years working in television, with MTV Networks/Nickelodeon's Business and Legal affairs team.

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Eric “EROCK” Emanuele

Eric "EROCK" Emanuele is a former Philadelphia resident and lifelong season ticket holder to the Eagles. He is one of the original Eagles youtubers, making videos about the team since 2008.

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Ryan Neal

Ryan Neal is an die-hard Eagles fan who is taking his Eagles passion and turning it into a career. After a few stints as a writer/blogger, Ryan has finally found a good home. He looks forward to bringing his own flare and creatvity to 4th and Jawn.

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Production Crew

Evan Hearn

A 21 year old Temple student in pursuit of a Radio and Television production Degree. A well rounded Philadelphia sports fan, that breaks out in hives when he wakes up and can't see the Linc in the horizon.

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Brennan Sokowoski

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Kelly Carpenter

Kelly was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. As the youngest of four kids, she grew up looking forward to Sundays spent with family and watching the birds on TV. She graduated college with a degree in journalism and is looking forward to sharing her insights on the Eagles.

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Brendan Walker

Brendan is an avid Eagles fan who uses his social media presence to connect with other fans who bleed green. He plans on graduating from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism in May 2018.

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Braxton Howard

Braxton Drake Howard is an 18-year old writer/photographer that grew up in Tennessee but is a die-hard Kentucky fan. Being from that area, Braxton just randomly picked a pro football team, that team just so happened to be the Eagles. Braxton is a Freshman at the University of Kentucky and plans on Graduating with a Broadcast Journalism degree in 2021.

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Production Manager, Social Media Correspondent

Dustin Troxell

Trox is a jack-of-all-trades behind the scenes and works the cameras for the 4th and Jawn crew. Born and raised in Willow Grove PA, and still resides there today. Trox graduated from Archbishop Wood High School in 2003. Trox played Football, Basketball and Lacrosse. After high school, Dustin ended up coaching lacrosse for 6 years. Dustin's family has been season ticket holders since 1990. On December 12, 1993, Eagles vs Bills (Bobby Brister vs Jim Kelly) is Dustin's official birthday as an Eagles fan. From his days sitting way up in the yellow seats as a 9-year-old kid in Veterans stadium, until now, his love for the Eagles remains true.

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Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez, life long Eagles from California. Graduated with a degree in Kinesiology with a goal to be a PE Teacher. Carlos has coached high school football for 4 years and has turned his passion of coaching football into watching prospects with the eagles in mind.

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Chris Mallee

Chris Mallee, is an avid fan of all Philadelphia sports teams but the Eagles hold the top spot. He is from Springfield Delco, just outside of Philadelphia. Last May, Chris graduated from West Chester University where he studied history and threw javelin for the track and field team. Overall, Chris enjoys talking sports, movies, and music with his friends and family. He hopes to one day work at NFL Films or directly for the Eagles.

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Alex Starkman

I’ve been a diehard Philadelphia sports fan my entire life and live and breathe all things Philly. The night the Eagles won the Super Bowl was the greatest night of my life. I live in South Jersey and have been going to Philly sports games my whole life with my dad. I graduated from Temple with a sports journalism degree back in 2017 and have been writing for Sixerdelphia (Sports Talk Philly) and Pro Sports Notes: Phillies. I am extremely passionate about my teams and can’t wait to share my thoughts and to provide great Eagles coverage.

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Jimmy Smith

Jimmy was faced with death, a few years ago. In his time of recovery, he chose to use his one true passion, the Eagles, as his driving force. So, he created a group for die hard Eagles fans. He wanted to create a family atmosphere, but also provide real news and knowledge of the game. It all started with making videos, writing, making graphics and just spreading a message of positivity and determination.

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Production Manager / Social Media Correspondent

Lucky Luciano Concepcion Jr aka “Prime”

Lucky Luciano Concepcion Jr aka "Prime" is an all out die hard fan of all Philadelphia Teams. His first watched Eagles game was Eagles vs Dallas on Oct.11th 1987 and it was love at first sight. Lucky, holds a Bachelors Degree from Strayer University with a major in Business Management. Hands down, his best moments of his life are the birth of his kids and the Eagles Superbowl victory. Prime is Fly Eagles Fly till he dies!

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Rick Kern

Rick Kern was born and raised in Springfield, PA. He attended Springfield High School in Delaware County and graduated in 2008. Following high school, Rick attended Neumann University in Aston, PA until he joined the United States Air Force in 2010. Rick achieved the rank of Technical Sergeant before leaving the military with an Honorable Discharge in 2019. Rick now lives with his wife, Emily and their fat cat Mr. Jingles "The Process" "Do-A-180" Kern. Rick loves writing and talking about sports, especially the Eagles, the Sixers and the Villanova Men's Basketball team.

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