Draft Profile: SMU WR James Proche

15 January 2020 DRAFT

James Proche 2020 NFL Draft Profile

Measureables: 6′ 200 LBs

Alright people. If you follow me on Twitter (@mallee_chris_24) then you know I have not shut up about this kid. SMU’s James Proche. Last year, my can’t miss prospect at WR was Deebo Samuel. This year, it’s James Proche. He is the NFL Draft’s best kept secret… for now. After the Senior Bowl, teams will be dying to watch him again at the combine. If you watch tape from any game and did not know who he was or what number he was, you’d learn quickly. Not only does he possibly have the best hands in the draft, he might be one of the most well rounded guy overall. His achievements while at SMU are highlight here.

Career Stats via, ESPN

111 1,225 11.0 15 52 4 18 4.5 0 12 0 0
93 1,199 12.9 12 67 2 17 8.5 0 13 0 0
40 816 20.4 6 86 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0
57 709 12.4 6 54 4 15 3.8 0 8 0 0

Best  Film:

Top Competition: 2019 vs Memphis: 13-149-1

2019 vs TCU 10-66-1

2018 vs Michigan 11-166-2

Best overall stat lines: 

2019 vs ECU: 14-167-2

2019 vs Tulsa 11-153-2



  • Absolute play maker and electric after the catch;
  • possibly has the best hands in the draft;
  • will bully LBs, Ss, and even CBs in the slot;
  • hip fluidity and quick change of direction skills are off the charts;
  • more than willing blocker;
  • team leader and captain;
  • a quick decision-maker and will make the QB right by always finding a soft spot in coverage and come back for the ball;
  • effort, effort, effort. the kid just flies all over the field and has a nose for the endzone;
  • best kept secret in the draft so his value in day 2-3 will be incredible.


  • Height, but he fills his frame out well and his athleticism makes up for only being 6′ even;
  • needs better hands/release at LOS;
  • limited as an outside receiver;
  • level of competition?

NFL Comparison: Deebo Samuel, Stefon Diggs, and Chris Godwin

Projection: Mid 3rd to early 4th round pick