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Could the run game threaten Eagles chances of making a playoff run?

21 September 2017 Opinion

I know it sounds dramatic but the Eagles need to establish a running game soon or they’ll lose a lot of games like they did Sunday against the Chiefs.

The run game allows Carson Wentz to reduce his throw count. With every throw he makes, his arm is getting more tired and it opens him up to making dumb mistakes like throwing the ball into a helmet while trying to throw it away.

This season the Eagles face really good teams and specifically REALLY good defenses. The Redskins may be one of the easier defenses they face this season. Next up? One of the best defenses in the league, our division rival, the NY Giants.

Personally, I would not like to see Carson Wentz dropping back almost every play as he has done in the first two weeks. It’s irresponsible of Doug to ask that of him. Wentz is a terrific playmaker, he never gives up when he has the ball in his hands but I’m getting exhausted watching him carry the weight of the offense on his shoulders. He has weapons around him and the receiving game is very impressive thus far but it’s becoming too predictable.

If we have 4 or 5 running backs on the team, Pederson better start making their roles vital to the success of moving the chains on offense. If we kept 8 offensive linemen on the roster, we better have the right guys in to open up the run game. Don’t get me wrong. I think we have the personnel to get the job done but the execution has been lacking.

It is time for the offense to open up and become more than just the Carson Wentz show. Doug and company need to build some diversity into the gameplan, cause some confusion, raise some doubts so the opposing defense isn’t able to keep hitting Wentz.

The offensive line can improve with the tape they have. They’ve faced steep competition so far and all of them had ups and downs. I feel confident they can get better and open up the flood gates for a successful run game. If not, our offense will continue to be one dimensional and defenses will easily expose them.


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