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Vegas has no hope for the 2021 Eagles

12 February 2021 Uncategorized

It’s no secret that the Eagles are in some trouble going forward. They just finished 4-11-1, the worst record for this franchise since 2012. What are the consequences of a 4-11-1 season? Well for starters, their entire coaching staff has been reshuffled. Jeffrey Lurie and Doug Pederson did not see eye to eye on the future of this organization, and decided that parting ways is best for both sides. 

Insert Nick Sirianni. He will be the 24th head coach in franchise history, and brought with him an intriguing coaching staff. Eagles fans can be excited about the staff he built, however of course it is far too early to have legit opinion on this decision. Let’s at least give him a year before making any judgement. 

So, what will the 2021 Eagles roster look like? Well Vegas does not think this team is going to be very competitve. According to Sports Betting Dime, the Eagles’ Super Bowl 56 opened at +6600. For comparison, the Chiefs opened as +550 favorites while Super Bowl 55 champions, the Buccaneers, opened at +900.

Yes the Eagles will most likely not be competing for a Super Bowl next year, but that does not mean they cannot take steps forward. The biggest question still remains at the quarterback position. 

As of February 12th, Carson Wentz is still on the roster. All signs are pointing to him getting traded at some point in the next month, which means Jalen Hurts will take the reins at quarterback for now. The Eagles hold the 6th overall pick, and knowing Howie Roseman, drafting a quarterback at 6 is not out of the question?

So where can the Eagles make improvements? Two words. The Draft.

Howie Roseman has to nail this draft. Plain and simple. The biggest problem here is Howie has not drafted well, especially in the short term. 

That is not a good resume to say the least. The last three draft classes have brought two pro bowlers. Carson Wentz and Miles Sanders. Carson is all but gone, and Miles was the last person voted to the pro bowl this year. Howie simply has failed to infuse this team with youth when it desperately needed it. 

This team is in for a long season, and Vegas feels the same way. The Eagles are severely up against the cap, which means this draft will be very important to the future of this team.