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Why John Hightower is going to be a massive steal for the Eagles

30 April 2020 Uncategorized

There’s one specific player who’s going to make a big name for himself this upcoming season for the Philadelphia Eagles and his name is John Hightower.

In the fifth round of the NFL Draft, the Eagles got one of the most explosive playmakers in the whole draft. He’s coming off of a season where he caught 56 passes for 943 yards and eight touchdowns. In his career he totaled 1,417 yards and 14 touchdowns.

Hightower is going to be a steal at where the Eagles drafted him. He’s got all the intangibles that’ll transfer over well into the NFL. For one, he’s freaky athletic and fast. He’s got the jets that could burn any defense at anytime.

However, one of his best attributes is his body control. He’s very good when it comes to using his body to position himself. Not a lot of receivers can go up and get a ball and still be able to run afterwards. Hightower has that art down pat.

But, his best attribute of all has to be his route running. He’s a very polished route runner who can run any and every route. He’s not just a speed wide receiver who can only go deep. He does it all. He gets some slack for not being a great route runner, but when you watch him it’s completely different.

He’s going to open the whole offense up for the Eagles. The middle of the field will no longer be loaded up against the Eagles, they’ll be able to find Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert a lot easier now than before. Speed kills and Hightower is a perfect example of that.

Hightower has a great initial start to every route, his quick feet allow for him to get an immediate advantage on most routes. When an NFL cornerback gets some hands on him, it’ll be interesting to see how’ll he’ll do. But, that’s easy to learn how to beat, especially since they’ll be terrified of his speed.

He’s bringing playmaking ability to an Eagles offense that desperately needed it. His presence on the field will be felt no matter what because teams will have to prepare for his speed. The same goes along with the additions of Jalen Reagor, Marquise Goodwin and Quez Watkins.

But much more than that, Hightower has the potential to develop into a legit target for Carson Wentz for years to come. Much like Terry McLaurin and Darius Slayton last season, Hightower is going to end up being a player every team will regrets passing up on.

Photo Credit: Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

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