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Sunday’s hero Boston Scott’s journey to the top wasn’t easy, but that’s what makes it sweeter

31 December 2019 Uncategorized

If this is to be the last article of the decade on 4thandJawn, there’s no player it should rather be on than running back Boston Scott. He’s the man of the hour and a legend for his performance against the New York Giants. 

To better understand the circumstance here, you have to know his story. No one would have ever though he’d be where he is now, winning division championship for an NFL team.

Just to play college football, Scott had to walk onto the team at Louisiana tech, he received no offers. He had to pay full tuition just to play on their practice squad. For years, he was underestimated because of his size, all teams forget to measure the size of his heart. He plays with a ton of passion and drive, when he’s carrying the ball you better be ready because he’ll run right through you.

Don’t overlook him because of his small frame, he has the ability to play big man football. Scott, put the Eagles on his back this past Sunday. When someone needed to step up, it was the 201st overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft, a practice squad player who did so. It took him until now to breakout and thankfully so for the Eagles, he’s going to be a big contributor from here on out. 

His big time game was just last Sunday when Scott totaled 138 big time yards and three rushing touchdowns versus the New York Giants.  Yes, he scored not one, no two, but three rushing touchdowns. The first Eagle to do so since LeSean McCoy in 2011. He finished the game with 54 rushing yards and three touchdowns on 19 carries. Along with that game four receptions for 84 yards.

After all these years of overpaying running back, talking to you Demarco Murray, the Eagles got a huge performance from someone who went under the radar since his college days.

You can even say the Eagles were tentative to play him. But, it’s safe to say they found out what playing him does to their team. He’s a player who wants it, and that kind of energy is great for any team. And, what better situation could Scott be in? Philadelphia is a city that really gets behind it’s players when they play as hard as Scott does. And, he’s an underdog, a player counted out numerous time, ready to prove the world wrong.

This Sunday, Scott has the chance of being the Eagles primary back again. With Sanders banged up, Scott is their best option right now. Another huge game would solidify Scott’s name in the tailgate lots for years to come.

Photo Credit: Sarah Stier/Getty Images

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