Thank you Chris Long, cheers to a great career

18 May 2019 Eagles News

Sometimes you have to sit back and appreciate the players on your team who go above and beyond. For the Eagles, that player is Chris Long.

Long was a fantastic player on the field for the Eagles, however, his works off the field were just as good. He’s a terrific person and one that players need to model.

Between his trips to the Super Bowl, more notably, his run with the Eagles. And his works for clean water in Africa, educational causes in Virginia and more, he’s been doing himself very proud.

But now, his time in the NFL has come to an end, after 11 eleven years, he calls it a career.

This post is really just to thank him. Thank him for being the role model not many athletes step up and be. Thank you for your efforts on the field and helping the Eagles win the Super Bowl. It’s always hard losing a great guy like Long in the locker room. There’s no saying where life’s going to take him now but one things for sure, he’s got the city of Philadelphia’s support.

Photo Credit: Eagles