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The Eagles’ diverse backfield has no answers from the rest of the NFL

22 November 2017 Eagles News

The Eagles rushing attack has been slashing and dicing through NFL defenses all season and now that the Eagles added Jay Ajayi to the mix, teams in the NFL are struggling to figure out how to stop them.

Since adding Ajayi the Eagles have played two games in which they have dominated in the run game. Against the Dallas Cowboys, the Eagles rushed for 215 yards and against the Denver Broncos they rushed for 197 yards. With Ajayi, the Eagles are averaging 206 rushing yards a game, which is lightyears ahead of the NFL’s current best rushing attack the Jacksonville Jaguars (160 yards a game).

The Eagles rushing attack consists of not one, not two, not three, but four different running backs. When the defense finally stops Ajayi, LeGarrette Blount comes in. When they figure out Blount, Kenjon Barner comes in. When they get used to Barner, Corey Clement comes in. There is no way to get comfortable against the Eagles rushing attack, they can hit you with anything at any time.

There really is not a better example than this than the most recent game versus the Cowboys. Barner scored the first touchdown after setting up the Eagles in the red zone with the best catch of the game. He finished the game with just one catch for 22 yards and one rush for the touchdown. However, his job was done, he made the necessary plays.

Then second up was Clement, who finished the game with six rushes for 50 yards and a touchdown. Clement scored the second touchdown of the game for the Eagles, adding to his great red zone play. He has now scored seven red zone touchdowns in ten red zone snaps, his role is very important and he is very efficient with his role.

If those two were not enough Blount and Ajayi tore up the Cowboys defense rushing for 57 and 91 yards. Ajayi set up a touchdown when he pulled off a 71-yard run. Blount hit them where it hurt in the second half when he constantly picked up first downs in the second half.

The Eagles have shown the NFL that they have a group of four running backs who are extremely different and are very hard to stop. Teams have to watch film on all four running backs because they do not know which one will hit them. Imagine being an opposing defense studying for all those different running backs. The Eagles have a very diverse group of running backs in which they should carry all the way to the playoffs.


Photo Credit: AP / Michael Ainsworth

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