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Jay Ajayi to see a “small package of plays” today vs. Broncos

5 November 2017 Eagles News

When the Eagles acquired pro bowl running back Jay Ajayi on Tuesday, playing this Sunday was in doubt. The Eagles staff had less than a week to get Ajayi up to date with the Eagles, their culture, and the playbook. Today, versus the Denver Broncos, Ajayi will get some work, but unfortunately, he will not be featured a ton.

The Eagles have had a lot of success running the football this season, ranking fourth in the NFL, averaging around 129 yards per game. This is the number one reason why the Eagles are not rushing Ajayi into this game. Giving him extra time with the bye week next week will only ensure success.

Today, expect the Eagles to use LeGarrette Blount, Wendell Smallwood and Corey Clement like they did last week, however, Ajayi will rotate in on a few occasions. We do not know what select packages the Eagles are going to use Ajayi in just yet if I were to guess, I would say on pass/run option looks. The Eagles made sure we realized he can catch the ball and without Darren Sproles, the Eagles have not had a running back who was an efficient receiver. Ajayi might go in on those downs because he can catch and can run if the play if switched into a run play.

Either way, with Ajayi in the backfield, the bar has risen. The other running backs are on notice, which will only boost their play. Sooner than later, Ajayi will be the primary running back, but for this week, expect a plethora of different looks with the Eagles running backs.


Photo Credit: Tim Hawk | For NJ.com

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