Eagles: Three players to watch vs. Cardinals

8 October 2017 Eagles News


The Eagles clash against a bird of a different feather today when they take on the Arizona Cardinals. At home, the Eagles are looking to improve their record to 4-1 and keep sole possession of the NFC East. If the Eagles are going to win, these players are going to have to step it up and have a big game.
1. LeGarrette Blount and Corey Clement
The Cardinals come into this game with the 10th best run defense, only letting up 88 yards a game. They are one of the best defending the run and historically, the Eagles have struggled against them in the run.
However, having just come off a big day on the ground in Los Angeles, the Eagles are high with confidence and ready to give it to the Cardinals. As a team, the Eagles rushed for 214 yards on 42 carries. LeGarrette Blount led the way with 136 yards on 16 carries, while Corey Clement finished the day third in rushing with 30 yards on ten carries. The Eagles need a big game from these two because of the injury to Wendell Smallwood. Smallwood is out with a knee injury and last week he had a very important role in the Eagles win. Smallwood rushed for 34 yards and one touchdown last week, while also adding 45 receiving yards to his total. He had a big role, a role that is now missing today against the Cardinals. The Eagles are going to need Blount, Clement or even Kenjon Barner to step up and have a good game.
2. Derek Barnett
With the Cardinals leaning on Palmer, he is throwing the ball to much, last week he threw 51 passes. With that being said, the Cardinals offensive line is not good enough to handle that amount of passing plays. As a direct result, Palmer has been sacked 17 times already and hit a bunch more. The Cardinals starting left guard is already ruled out, the 2nd worst offensive line in the NFL is going to be in real trouble versus the Eagles.
Derek Barnett, who saw an increased role last week, had a big influence on the game but did not get his first sack. This week, the opportunity is there and it is about time Barnett gets his first NFL sack.
3. Alshon Jeffery
Alshon Jeffery has been a solid receiver this season, but he has not had the production you would like to see from a number one receiver, looking to receive a very big deal this offseason. So far this season, Jeffery has caught 17 passes for 250 yards and two touchdowns.
Yes, the Eagles offense is not all about the passing game and Jeffery’s impact is all over the field as he draws a lot of attention. However, today is the day where Jeffery is going to go off, leaving the Eagles and the fans in awe. He is going to have a big day and it is not so much about the Cardinal’s secondary, it is just something that is long overdue.
Photo Credit: USA Today Sports Imaging

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