Jason Peters seeks a reworked contract with the Eagles

13 June 2017 Eagles News

Earlier this offseason, the Eagles wanted left tackle Jason Peters to take a pay cut. Although nothing came out of that, Peters’ contract talks are upon us again.

After missing OTAs, Peters finally showed up for the start of mandatory minicamp. We now know he missed OTAs partially because of his contract. 

Peters wants to rework his contract to give himself more guaranteed money. However, the main motive is to reinsure the Eagles long-term commitment to him…he wants to retire an Eagles.

Right now, Peters is under contract for two more years, his cap hit in those two years are $11.7 million and $11.25 million. However, those two years his contract also has non-guaranteed salaries of $10.45 million and $10 million.

For a guy like Peters, he deserves to retire an Eagles and get the contract he is asking for. Peters played at a very high-level last season and really held the line together in the absence of Lane Johnson.

Obviously, the NFL is a business and you have to make the right moves for the team and the Eagles have all the leverage in this negotiation. But, for Peters’ sake, let him get that reinsurance and let him retire an Eagle.