Ready, aim, fire: Wentz’ weapons ready to unload

17 May 2017 Eagles News

Men in their contract year usually have a lot to prove, financially and just for respect in a very competitive sport.

Players like Alshon Jeffery and LeGarrette Blount were at the top of most people’s lists for available free agents at the end of the 2016 season. Well, guess what? BOTH are Philadelphia Eagles and both are in their contract year.

Let’s start with Alshon Jeffery…

Jeffery’s early years were clearly his most solid performances but they were also during a time he had other offensive threats on the field with him. NFL Networks’ Curtis Conway ranked the top 5 WRs in the NFC East division and had TWO Eagles wide receivers on his list (including AJ). Jordan Matthews and Alshon Jeffery will be a solid pair of receivers for Wentz.

Guys on the field, outside of Matthews, last year were simply not receiving threats and could easily be eliminated by defenses. A man like Jeffery needs to be heavily covered and game planned for. He is a game changer and one who will build the confidence of a young quarterback like Wentz.

One play that still bothers me from the 2016 season was the interception to wrap up the Lions victory over the Eagles. If Carson had a receiver like Jeffery, who is known for his ridiculous catch radius, that pass is caught and Eagles still have a shot at a stellar comeback win.

It is remarkable how close Eagles were to winning games with the roster they had on offense. A rookie head coach and quarterback, Jordan Matthews as the WR1 in the slot and an often injured backfield.

Which leads me to my next topic… LeGarrette Blount.

Blount Force Trauma is essentially the ONLY way you can explain the man’s game.

He is a wrecking ball on the field at 6′ tall, 250 pounds. Defenses can’t give him an inch because he will plow through them for 5 yards. At 30 years old, Blount cannot realistically be seen as a long-term solution but he is the best damn band aid available to a team with scat backs galore on the roster.

Blount is a winner with absolutely no quit. He produced a lot last season (18 touchdowns) and could provide the element Eagles will be missing once Ryan Mathews is released. He is an every down back option but paired with the likes of Sproles and Smallwood, teams will have difficulty game planning the run plays.

The best thing about Blount is if he is on the field, most team’s will suspect he is getting the ball. That is an intriguing position to be in for a smart guy like Wentz to pick up on and take advantage of.

These vets are going to provide great experience, guidance and talent to a needy-Eagles offense. Add in speedsters like Smith, Hollins and Gibson to take the top off defenses with 29 in the backfield and Jeffery on the outside… Carson Wentz is going to be locked, loaded and ready to declare hunting season on NFL defenses.

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