26 February 2017 Eagles News

In the first and second round of the 4th and Jawn Eagles war room mock draft, fans selected Dalvin Cook and Zay Jones. With two key offensive areas addressed, the organization has one more pick on Day 2 of the NFL Draft.

Ryan evaluated offensive players and Kelly reviewed defensive players in order to determine best value picks for the 3rd round. Listen to their arguments and vote!


Ryan’s case for : DION DAWKINS

It is time to start building a wall to protect Carson Wentz. That is why we are taking Temple offensive lineman, Dion Dawkins with our pick.

Dawkins is a big, physical specimen. Dawkins stands at 6’4″ and weighs 320 pounds. He is a hard player to move, that’s for sure.

“Football is a big man’s game and they don’t come much bigger or more powerful than Dawkins. With the frame, power, agility and mentality to help quickly at tackle or guard, Dawkins looks like a potential Day One starter.”

Tackle is obviously the most important position on the offensive line, but here we are going with a player who can play both.

“I don’t know if I see him as a guard or a tackle yet, but I think he can play both. I like him because I think he could upgrade our pass protection inside if we did bump him to guard, but he’s athletic enough to play right tackle, too.” — AFC West scout 

As you can see, Dawkins will be a beast on the inside, as well as, a monster on the outside. Versatility is key here, that is what makes him so attractive.

We already have a few pieces on the offensive line that will be protecting Wentz for years to come. Drafting Dion Dawkins adds another very important piece to that line.


The offensive line is the most important part of a football team. Drafting Dawkins solidifies the line and gives Wentz a solid wall to play behind for the coming years. It is the smartest decision for our team and our future.

Kelly’s case for CHIDOBE AWUZIE:

As much as I want to look at other defensive positions at this point in the draft, the Eagles still need to address the issues in the secondary at the cornerback position.

Although it is possible Chidobe Awuzie ends up drafted before the Eagles would be able to select him in the third round but there is a possibility he is there. If so, I think the team has to take him.

He is 6’0″ tall, 205 pounds, according to NFL.com making him the ideal size of a promising defensive back prospect.

Awuzie has sound technique at the position. His smooth transition gives him the flexibility to follow the opponent’s number one receiving threat around the field. In college he lined up on the outside, slot, safety and even linebacker positions. He has an intense presence on the field whether in coverage or blitzing the quarterback and he would fit well into Jim Schwartz’ defense.

During the 2016 season he recorded 60 tackles, two forced fumbles, 13 pass breakups, 1 interception and 4 sacks.

An additional plus outside his versatility on defense is that he also would make a fantastic contributor on special teams.

Finally, he is really is fun to watch. Eagles fans would love him.

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