18 February 2017 Eagles News

In the case of Dalvin Cook vs. Sidney Jones with the Eagles first pick in the 2017 draft, Eagles fans selected the dynamic running back from Florida State University.

It is now Day 2 of the draft and the board is breaking down for war rooms to determine who they will select next. For the Eagles, there are several key offensive and defensive players they are considering.

Ryan evaluated offensive players and Kelly reviewed defensive players in order to determine best value picks for the 2nd round. Listen to their arguments and vote!


Ryan’s case for ZAY JONES:

Zay Jones – 6’1 – 185 – Eastern Carolina

Jones had a very impressive Senior Bowl. Some even say he will be the steal of the draft.

This is what NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah had to say about Jones during the Senior Bowl.

“You talk to the Senior Bowl coaches that have been around him this week, they say it’s like dealing with a 10-year professional,” said Jeremiah during the broadcast of the game. “When your dad is Robert Jones, who played in the NFL for a long time, it’s the family business.”

He even caught the eye of the great Jerry Rice.

Jones flew under the radar this season. This past year, he caught a NCAA high 158 passes for 1,746 yards and eight touchdowns. And yes, he caught 158 passes.

By knowing he caught 158 passes, you know he can catch the ball. Some say he has the cleanest hands in the whole draft. He would be a massive steal for us.

Imagine Carson throwing the ball to Jones. It would be a thing of beauty. Carson needs Jones, Agholor and Green-Beckham are not even half the player Jones is already.

In all honesty, Jones in the second round is a steal. He is the weapon that Carson needs. Jones is a reliable catcher obviously, he caught 158 passes on a bad offense in college. A dependable receiver is a luxury on our team. Let’s give Carson someone he can trust, let’s give him Jones.

Kelly’s case for CORDREA TANKERSLEY:

I think in any other draft class, Tankersley would be drafted in the first round. The luxury of a deep, talented defensive back group is a significant benefit for the Philadelphia Eagles, in desperate need for secondary help.

Cordrea Tankersley is 6’1″ tall, 200 pounds, according to NFL.com. Unlike some other CBs anticipated to be available in the second round, he has size on his side.

Tankersley has been tested during his college career and his stats prove he can live up to the challenge. Over the last 2 seasons he has intercepted 9 balls and had 19 pass deflections.

Here are some of his career highlights:

According to PFF.com, he allowed a catch on 44.6% of the passes thrown into his coverage and only gave up 259 yards and one touchdown over the 2016 year.

I realize stats only get you part of the picture. Will he translate to the NFL? His tape suggests he will but he also has things to work on.

At Clemson he was often matched up against the opposition’s best wide receiver. He has a fluid back pedal, smooth transiting hips, excellent ball skills and is great in coverage. His physicality and aggressive nature are attributes the Eagles defense needs to add at the cornerback position.

Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller lists Tankersley as his cornerback sleeper for the 2017 NFL draft.

I think he is a number 2 cornerback in the NFL with potential to become a number 1. He’ll need to address some issues with tackling and penalties but he’d be an excellent choice to address the Eagles secondary problems during the 2nd round.

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