Making a case for Dalvin Cook

20 February 2017 DRAFT Eagles News

Right now, the Eagles need a bell cow running back. They need a running back who can do it all. Ryan Mathews is not the answer, Darren Sproles is gone after this next season and Wendell Smallwood is not it either. There is one player who is and that is Florida State running back Dalvin Cook.

At Florida St., Cook tore up the field, rushing for 4,464 yards and 46 touchdowns. As you may know, Cook does it all, so he also caught 79 passes for 935 yards. In fact, if Cook were an Eagle last season, not only would he have been the Eagles leading rusher, he would also have been third in receiving with 488 yards.

Another thing Cook does really well is finding the end zone. In each of his last two seasons, he rushed for 19 touchdowns. In fact, last season he had three more rushing touchdowns than the whole Eagles team (16).

Cook has it all. He has legitimate speed, great agility, amazing vision, quick acceleration, and he is even a good receiver. All of those traits make him a very dangerous player. Cook can turn any play into something. He has the ability to take a toss and run it 80-yards to the house. He would bring big plays to the Eagles.

Here is my favorite quote from a scouting report, “A creative coach will search for ways to put the ball in his hands where he can use those traits and create big plays.”

What does Doug Pederson like to do? He likes to find ways to get certain players the ball. Cook in Pederson’s offense is literally a perfect match. Pederson will find the ways to get him the ball.

Cook is a game changer. The Eagles will give Carson Wentz the ultimate weapon, a player who is as dangerous catching the ball as he is running it. Cook would be the best possible draft pick for the Eagles. However, a player of his talent might not make it out of the top ten, let alone the top five. But, if he does fall to the Eagles, they would be stupid not to take him.