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Dalvin Cook would bring the run game back to Philly, but will he be their pick?

26 April 2017 DRAFT Eagles News

If you have been following the draft and you’re an Eagles fan, you know who Dalvin Cook is….. he was linked to the Eagles even before the season was over.

For the better part of a month, Cook was losing value. However, after a week or two of hearing about Cook and his stock plummet, it seems he has risen back to the top. And, now, it is rumored he will be the Eagles draft pick.

For awhile now, various beat writers have made it clear, the Eagles will not be taking a running back in the first round. However, as of late, rumors of a running back (Cook) have been heating up. It all started yesterday when Cook’s grandmother had an interview with SI.com.

In an interview with The MMQB, Cook’s grandmother, Betty Cook says the Eagles are very interested in her grandson.

“Where Cook goes in the draft is anyone’s guess. Miss Betty believes the Eagles are very interested—they were the only team to reach out to her personally. Eagles running backs coach Duce Staley called her to talk about Dalvin’s character. “He was just telling me how much he wants Dalvin,” the proud grandmother beams. “He said ‘But I don’t think he’ll be there with the 14th pick, Miss Betty.”

Over here at 4thandJawn we have made our own cases for Cook. The importance of a running game and a versatile running back is immense. If the Eagles are to get Cook, their offense would instantly become one of the league’s most dangerous.

Making a case for Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook has it all. Drafting Cook is not all sunshine and rainbows. He does come with some concerns, with both his character and injury history. But, those are outweighed by his instinctive ability on the field. He is a game changer, a playmaker and would be a top running back in this league for the next ten years.

The Cook to the Eagles rumors are gaining traction, but we will not know who the Eagles pick until they officially do it tomorrow night. Stay tuned folks, this ride is going to get crazy.