The Eagles need to feed their tight ends vs. Ravens

14 December 2016 Eagles News

Let’s face it, the Eagles offensive line is too unstable to support a solid running game. Also, the Eagles receivers are too unreliable to support a solid passing game. However, the one thing working in their favor is the tight ends. To have success versus the Ravens, the Eagles need to feed their tight ends.

Taking a look at the last game versus the Washington Redskins, Zach Ertz hauled in ten of his 13 targets for 112 yards and Trey Burton hauled in seven of his ten targets for 65 yards. The two of them were a major influence on the game and combined they racked up 177 yards of offense.

The two combined caught 17 passes, having a catch success rate of 74%. Carson Wentz was able to lean on them a lot in the game. When the Eagles needed to pick up short yards and 3rd downs, Ertz and Burton were the guys he looked to.

This Sunday, the Eagles will be facing a Baltimore Ravens team who just let up 70 yards and one touchdown to Martellus Bennett. However, on the season, they have been pretty good when it comes to covering opposing tight ends. In 13 games, the Ravens let up 472 and just three touchdowns to opposing tight ends. That is an average of just 37 yards a game.

The Ravens have yet to face the two-headed monster the Eagles possess. The Eagles give teams a lot of different looks with the duo of Ertz and Burton. You can stop one, but not the other. It is almost like the Ravens have to pick their poison when defending these two.



Regardless, the Eagles will have a lot of favorable matches using these two tight ends. This is something the Eagles need to lean on. If they are to win the game, it will be through their tight ends.


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