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Eagles QB Carson Wentz expected to request a trade this offseason…… what’s next?

3 January 2021 Eagles News

 Every single Sunday, news regarding the Philadelphia Eagles drops. And. This Sunday, it’s a spicy one! 

According to Chris Mortensen, Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is expected to request a trade. He always believes his relationship with the Eagles is fractured. 

Unlike other reports, Mortensen usually isn’t just reporting things just to beat others to it. It’s a legit report. But, we also do know that the team thinks they can salvage Wentz. However, if the player wants out, he wants out. 

What could work in the Eagles favor is the fact that he wants out. Maybe just maybe he’ll work with the team to help lighten the hit they’ll take if they do find a trade partner. And, we obviously know the best spot for him is the Indianapolis Colts with coach Frank Reich. 

From the 2017 MVP run, to last seasons amazing performances to end the season, Wentz has played at a high level for a while but still got a lot of slack. Throwing for 4,000 + yards with not a single WR over 500 yards is incredible. 

Drafting Jalen Hurts this offseason really must have done it for him. He took it personal and just hasn’t been the same since. He hasn’t looked comfortable all season as a starter and even as a backup on the sideline. 

Right now, all we can say is it’s going to be a bumpy and crazy offseason. There’s going to be a lot of personnel changes and coaching changes. We’re going to see a completely different Eagles team next season, so buckle up for the ride. 

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas USA Today Sports

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