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Instant Reaction: Eagles vs. Cowboys, Eagles season comes to an end

27 December 2020 Uncategorized

 Although the Philadelphia Eagles have one more game next week, their season is officially over. The Eagles fall at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys 37-17. It was a very disastrous game for the Eagles for many different reasons so let’s get into. 

After starting off the game on fire, the offense put up two touchdowns in their first two drives. The first was methodical and the second was an 81 yard DeSean Jackson touchdown. They looked ready to take what was theirs, then it happened. 

The Eagles defense couldn’t get any pressure and to their demise, the Cowboys score points on five consecutive drives. Eagles cornerback Michael Jacquet was the one they were picking on. He let up 182 yards and two touchdowns before being pulled. 

The Eagles really shot themselves in the foot yet again today. They didn’t adjust at all and allowed Dallas to just expose one player. And, even more so, in total both on the offensive side and defensive side, the Eagles had 12 penalties. You just cannot simply win games when you’re not disciplined. 

When the Eagles fall behind, the play calling struggles and that’s been a constant theme this season as well. They let their quarterback try to do everything by themself and it’s just really bad. 

When it’s all said and done, it’s probably better this team loses to stop painting over their problems. But, correcting them won’t happen unless there is organizational change. The Eagles will have a high draft pick this offseason it’s on them to make it right. 

Photo Credit: Eric Heitman/ USA Today