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3 Keys to Victory: Eagles vs. Packers

6 December 2020 Uncategorized

Well, here we go again. 

The Philadelphia Eagles are in Green Bay to take on the high flying Packers. As we know, the Eagles are struggling, barely holding onto life in the NFC East. 

Doug Pederson is holding on for dear life, the offense and Carson Wentz is crippling, their only hope is a defensive masterclass. But, we know that’s unlikely, but if there’s any hope left, here’s the three things the Eagles need to do to try and win this game. 

  1. Run, run and run

Last time these two faced each other, Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders gashed the Packers for 172 rushing yards. The Packers are vulnerable when it comes to run defense. With a passing game as bad as the Eagles, they have to use the run game. Last week, Sanders had six carries and that’s just unacceptable. 

  1. Limit Mistakes 

The Eagles do a great job making things harder for themselves every week. Meaning, they make things easy for every team they play. Against a good Packers team, they cannot happen, they’ll make them pay. A clean game puts the Eagles in their only chance to win. 

  1. Outscore them

We can’t imagine the Packers offense struggling, last week they put up 41 points. Even though the offense has been abysmal this season, they need to put up points today, it’s their one only chance to win. 

It’s not looking promising, usually the Eagles are playing with their backs to the wall, but this time, they’re barely breathing. Their drowning right now and a trip to Green Bay isn’t something that’s an easy situation to handle. At this point what do we root for? A win or a draft pick? Well anyway, let’s get through this one together. 

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