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Eagles: Run the ball, please run the ball

4 December 2020 Uncategorized

 Why are the Philadelphia Eagles running the football? 

This past week, against the Seattle Seahawks, the Eagles decided to run running back Miles Sanders just six times. This is a trend that keeps on happening. In fact, the Eagles have the 4th lowest rush attempt per game in the league. And, when you really look into, there’s no explanation as to why. 

The Eagles rank 4th in the NFL in Team Run Block Win percent with a staggering 73% according to ESPN. As we’ve seen, the Eagles have had to put together a new line every week, but they’re still getting the job done. 

The only argument would be they’re always playing catch up. But, last week, they were always in the game until the very end. Giving up on the run just made them easier to defend. Especially when the passing game and pass blocking is a complete mess right now.  

Next up for the Birds is a trip to Green Bay. Last time the Eagles played the Green Bay Packers, they won and their run game led them. 

The Eagles need to not only establish the run, but they need to get the run game in a rhythm. Sanders can feast on opposing defenses, he has the skill set and speed to make any defense pay. 

They’re going up against a Packers defense which doesn’t do well against the run either. They have the 14th best run defense which allows on average 114 rushing yards against a game. Last time around, the Eagles put up 172 yards. Their offensive line is going to generate opportunities, the Eagles need to trust them. 

It’s just not possible to keep going forward playing the offense the way they’ve been playing. They need to change it up and put the ball in their best offensive playmakers hands. He’s the only running back with 2 60+ yard runs. He’s a home run hitter and against Green Bay is he gets the same amount of work he had against Seattle, this game will be a blowout. Sanders and the run game is the Eagles only hope. 

Photo Credit/Kate Frese/ Philly Voice