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The Importance Of Miles Sanders For The Eagles Moving Forward

12 November 2020 Eagles News

Boston Scott has done all we could ask of him and more, but when it comes down to it, he’s only a serviceable 2nd or 3rd string running back. Unlike Scott, Miles Sanders is a TRUE starter running back in this league, and a great one at that.

Yes I said great. Sanders, believe it or not is 1st in the NFL in rushing yards per attempt with 6.1 yards per carry amongst running backs. Sanders ability to give you those small 3-4 yard gains on first and second down and the ability to break one off at anytime is missed tremendously right now. Doug said in his press conference yesterday the lack of positive first down plays have been hurting the eagles this season. I tend to agree with Doug there, but with Sanders coming back there should be no excuses from Doug not to give the kid more carries.

Other than Wentz and Kelce I believe Sanders is the most important player on the offensive side of the football. He is most definitely the most important skills players. I say this because of his versatility as an offensive weapon and not just a running back, especially in the receiving game.

In Sanders short career thus far he has 88 catches for 600 yards. That’s good for 9.7 yards per catch. Now for a receiver that considered mediocre, but for a running back that’s above average. Sander is a nightmare match up for majority of linebackers in the recieiving game. He’s got the speed to beat a linebacker down the field, but what is underrated is his route running ability as a receiver.

What you see here is Miles Sanders just being entirely too much for the linebacker to handle. Completely blows right by him. This is a route concept Doug has shied away from this year and I don’t understand why. Look at how Sean Payton uses Alvin Kamara, and how Ron Rivera/Matt Rhule have used Christian McCaffrey. Miles Sanders has that same type of unique skill set of being an all around running back. Sanders is a unique talent offensively, and he needs to be used as so.

Another key component that makes Miles Sanders so important is his ability to be used as a pass blocker. I’m not saying this because I’m a biased Sanders fan, but he honestly may be the best pass protection running back in the NFL.

Coming out of college pass protection was actually one of Sanders knocks on him. It wasn’t that he was poor at it, he just needed more technical development, and boy did he get it. I’m not sure if that’s all on Duce Staley or a combo of Staley and Stoutland, but they have done an incredible job with Sanders in the protection game. For example, watch the videos below to see how flawlessly Sanders executes some pass protection plays.

I mean you watch these videos and you can’t execute better pass protection from the running back position. It’s no secret Wentz has been under duress this season, and I think with Miles back and healthy this part of his game will help make carson feel a tad better.

The main importance of Miles Sanders game has got to be the ability to hit the home run play. There’s nothing else to it. Besides hopefully Reagor, Sanders has real ability to take any play to the house.

Though not all of these are touchdown plays, they all have the ability to. Every single one of these plays changed the game in some way. And that’s what Miles Sanders is. A game changing running back. You may think I’m over hyping him as an Eagles fan, but numbers don’t lie, and tape doesn’t either. This kid has got the juice to be one of the great ones in the league. If he can just stay on the field, he’s going to be an all time Eagles great and help this franchise to some spectacular things


Featured Image: NJ.com Sports