Three Major Keys For The Eagles To Fix After The Bye

5 November 2020 Eagles News

So the Eagles haven’t exactly performed like we’d all hope in the first half of the season. There’s many factors that go into the disappointing start of the season including Carson Wentz’s odd regression this season, the massive amount of injuries the Eagles have endured, players underperforming, and last but not least, coaching. Im not going to sit here and make excuses for this team because they are what they are.

Yes they are in first place, luckily due to a terrible and I mean outright terrible division we are in, but during this bye, the whole Eagles organization needs to take a look at themselves and figure out a way turn this season around. There are three major keys (and no I’m not referencing the DJ Khalid album) that I believe they need to focus on the most.

1. Carson Wentz limiting his turnovers

Listen, I’m one of the bigger Carson Wentz fans out there. I mean we share the same birth date for Pete’s sake, but the turnovers this season have been an utter anomaly. I can’t tell if he’s pressing too much or if he’s just not going through all his reads and forcing to certain guys, all I know is he’s gotta figure it out. This was a guy who went three straight seasons throwing no more than seven interceptions. Somethings going on there. The fumbles are still an issue, but I don’t see that ever changing. It’s the downfall of Carson being a big play quarterback. Carson just needs to settle down and find the open man. He’s missed too many open receivers by not looking through all his reads, so going forward I believe he needs to do a better job just scanning the field and making the right play.

2. Call a more balanced offense

Over the first 8 games, I think we can all say the Eagles play calling has been horrendous. So far this season, Wentz has attempted 305 passes and is on pace for 610 attempts, which would be the highest of his career. That’s good for 38 pass attempts a game. It’s not abnormally high, but Wentz has never been the type of quarterback to succeed throwing that many attempts per game.

Wentz is at his best with a balanced offensive attack, where you run the ball consistently during the game and that just hasn’t happened at all this season. They’ve only ran the ball 193 times this season, which is good for 24 rushes a game. That’s including Wentz’s rushes as well.

During this bye week, Doug has to make it a point of emphasis to hammer the run game in the second half of the season. It’ll only help this offense get to where they want to be. It’ll open up the play action, and keep the defense honest enough to start hitting on the chunk plays more often. The season depends on Doug’s willingness to pound the rock more and more as the season goes along. With Miles Sanders coming back after the bye, I believe Doug will do exactly that.

3. Start sending 5 man blitz packages more often

This is probably the least likely to happen because Schwartz just doesn’t like sending the blitz too often, but when he has sent the extra man blitz packages it’s been successful this season. I’d like to see them mix them in more on 1st and 2nd downs to create more 2nd and 3rd and longs. Hopefully Jimbo Schwartz sees this to be true and makes the adjustment after the bye. It’ll only help his secondary out in the long run. That is if Schwartz starts playing some press coverage on the line instead of keeping his corners 6 yards off their man.

This team has a lot to fix after the bye, I just hope they’re smart enough to make the necessary changes to benefit this football team.

Photo Credit: NBC Sports Philly

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