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Three Keys to the game: Eagles vs. Cowboys

1 November 2020 Uncategorized

Sunday Night Football at the Linc, it’s going to be a good one. It’s been beat Dallas all week, for the Philadelphia Eagles, the message can’t be any clearer.

The Eagles are taking on a injured and deflated Cowboys team. Usually, you could say the same about the Eagles, however, they’ve become healthier. They’ve got some players back and are coming off a win. For the Eagles to win today, here’s what needs to happen.

1. Defensive line sets the tone

You can’t play good offense if you can’t run the ball. With the Cowboys down to their third string quarterback, they’re going to run a lot and get into the play action. You can’t do that if the defensive line dominates. This group consisting of Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Malik Jackson, Javon Hargrave and Derek Barnett can really dominate this game for the Birds.

2. Deploy Boston Scott

Boston Scott only rushed for 46 yards, but added another 49 receiving yards and a touchdown. The Cowboys defense is allowing 178 rushing yards per game, it’s time to cut this man loose and let him feast. There’s going to be all the opportunities in the world tonight, let Boston do his thing.

3. The Deep pass

Yes, we are talking about a pass over 25 yards! With Jalen Reagor in the mix, John Hightower and Travis Fulgham, the Eagles have a dynamic receiving corps. It’s nice to get Reagor back against a defense as bad as the Cowboys. The Dallas defense has been burned multiple times by the deep ball already this year. With a bunch of weapons at his disposal, Carson Wentz should be able to open the field with ease.

The Eagles are going up against a hurt Dallas team who’s defense is bad at an historical rate. Normally, you’d say this is a trap game with an unknown quarterback coming to town, but Dallas defense has been just so bad. If the Eagles control the game and don’t let points slip off the board, they should win this game.

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