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Eagles set to be “aggressive” at the trade deadline. Here’s why they need to pump the brakes.

20 October 2020 Uncategorized

Fresh off the second crushing defeat that came today at the hands of a botched two-point conversion, a losing attempt by the Eagles in a 30-28 defeat to the Baltimore Ravens to drop to 1-4-1 on the year, the only thing you really wanted to feel about this team was resigned.  It kinda just fits at this point, since this team continues to make small mistakes week after week that end up costing wins at the end of the game. Questionable playcalling, drops( an issue for the last 3+ years), and kicking woes continue to plague this team, and it’s fair to wonder if this season should just be a wash.

A report came out from CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora that says the Eagles are going to be “aggressive” at the deadline, and that they are specifically looking to improve at the linebacker slot, which of course has been the most problematic spot this year, even more than the wide receiver slot where they are currently down to only Travis Fulgham, JJAW, and Greg Ward, Jr.  The article in full if you would like to read it is linked below.

Here is the problem with this, because trust me as I speak for all Eagles fans that we want the linebacking corps improved, and by drastic measures.  The problem is that the Eagles are already 1-4-1, and while they are in second place in the NFL LEast, no fan that is a true diehard Birds fan wants to skulk their way into the playoffs and get absolutely demolished in the first round, because the only that accomplishes is getting a draft pick down in the low 20’s instead of the low teens, which is where a team like this belongs.

This team is not one linebacker away, and it is not one wide receiver away.  This is a team that is playing without 85% of the starters on its offense, with a different patchwork offensive line every week, and has once again relied on guys that were not there at the start of the season to come down and make plays. Am I thrilled that Carson Wentz has played well against the Ravens and Steelers? Absolutely, but don’t discount the fact that he has put this whole offense on his back and continues to have to chuck the ball 40+ times a game for them just to stay in it, that’s not a healthy recipe for wins.

In the NFL, you should be buyers if you plan to compete for a deep run in the playoffs, and you should be sellers if you are looking to retool your roster for another year and are going through a rebuild. Let’s face it, this Eagles team is not a very good team and does need a soft rebuild, with a huge youth infusion.  Dealing away picks to improve linebacker when the only plausible time to do it was 6 weeks ago, that’s just trying to throw a small bandaid on a dam about to burst.

Howie Roseman has historically wheeled and dealed near the deadline because let’s face it, he’s good at it and wants to see the team succeed, since who knows if we win the Super Bowl without trading for Jay Ajayi.  But it is time to face facts, and this team needs to stay put at the deadline, and really take a hard look at selling off some assets in prep for next year, when they are more than 70 MIL over the cap.  It makes infinitely more sense to lay off, let this offense and defense get healthy for next year, and take another crack at competing after a full year to let these rookies we just drafted develop, otherwise it could set the Eagles back years.


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