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Tale of the Tape: What bolds in the Eagles favor vs. Bengals

27 September 2020 Uncategorized

No more negative energy, the Philadelphia Eagles have a game today and it’s time to get a win.

After the abysmal 0-2 start to the season, the Eagles need to get back on track against a young up and coming Cincinnati Bengals team.

There’s a few things going into the Eagles favor in this matchup, the biggest one being the Bengals run defense. The Bengals have the 30th ranked rushing defense meaning the Eagles can attack their defense. Giving up on n average 185 rushing yards per game, the Eagles need to expose that.

This means Miles Sanders should have a big day for the Birds. If the run game gets going, the Eagles control the game, plain and simple. There’s no worry because everything is in their favor.

The next thing to know is Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow hasn’t really pushed the ball down the field. He’s a averaging 229 passing yards per game, but an average completion of just 5.2 yards.

He spoke about adding new deeper plays into the playbook, but if the Eagles defensive line can disrupt him early, he’ll have no other option than to take the check downs.

Really, the Eagles should be able to get the job done against a much lesser team in the Bengals. Football is football and whoever comes to play is going to win. For the Eagles, an 0-3 start would be the last thing they want and need. They need to win today.

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