Philly Vs Everybody

25 September 2020 Opinion

If you are a Philadelphia sports fan you know that this fanbase is like no other. We bleed green, we stand outside of Citizen’s Bank Park with horns and upset opposing coaches, and we know that you can’t stand us. Die hard Philly Sports fan’s are a dying breed. We’re two weeks into the Eagles season and people are already checking out and trying to ship out our franchise quarterback. To make matters worse, we got people like Colin Cowherd with his hot takes on Carson Wentz wearing a backwards hat and other “analysts” suggesting the Eagles need to trade for Nick Foles…

What is happening??

As if 2020 was not already crazy enough, it’s been near unbearable navigating Eagles twitter the past two weeks. People argue with no context and even root against their own players and team to reinforce their hot takes. It’s a shame people want to be right for the wrong reasons rather than wrong for the right reasons. I truly do not understand how or why people cannot be critical of their players while still having a shred of optimism.

We get it, Carson is not playing well. But who is playing well on this team? I hate excuses but we can still use context when discussing this team. The Eagles offensive line is banged up and was a rotating door week 1. Week 2, they completely neutralized Aaron Donald but made Jared Goff look like Dan Marino. What is plaguing this offense is a lack of an identity. We are predictable and not utilizing our players strengths at all. We saw a glimpse of how electric this team can be though. Wentz came out firing week 1 and looked like 2017 Carson.  The talent is there.  If you think it’s just magically gone then don’t come crawling back when 11 starts lighting it up.

The national media is a plague but our own media does not do us any favors. They crown Dallas every offseason, are silent when they start 0-1 then start bragging after a miracle comeback and call it a historical game. The Eagles missing 8-10 starters start off 0-2 and the media wants the coach gone, GM gone, and the quarterback gone. I get it, Doug has not been doing a good job through 2 weeks but he is still a good coach. Howie has missed on numerous picks and has made questionable decisions but he was still the man who helped us build a super bowl winning team. Carson has not been sharp through 2 weeks but he is still one of the most talented and accomplished quarterbacks to wear Eagles green. It all starts with letting Carson be Carson.

We have to let the Bronco Buck! Carson has been caged inside the pocket. To make matters worse, this pocket has not been clean for most of the year. If you watch film on Carson from high school, to college, and then with Philly, you can see that his best performances come when he is playing his game. He needs to play loose and see the field the way that works for him. You can tell that he is playing slow and overthinking every decision. It’s just frustrating to know that Foles was struggling when he stepped in for Carson and we saw the coaching staff completely change the offense to gear it toward his strengths. Now we see Carson in a slump and we keep doing the same things.

There is zero creativity in this offense. We are barely getting Carson out of the pocket or let other guys take the ball out of his hands when he’s struggling. No sweeps, orbit screens, wildcat– nothing. Now we are 0-2 and you don’t want to play desperate but you need to get creative so these guys can start having some fun again. It’s almost like we play to go from first down to first down rather than trying to score. It’s time to get this offense going and let Carson play to his strengths and the strengths of our skill players.

If Doug and the players want to quiet the noise, then shut them up by showing up and showing out for 60 minutes Sunday. You cannot be upstaged by a rookie quarterback and his 0-2 team. Injuries suck but come kickoff, you know who is there and you have to adjust. No one is going to feel bad for you. We always have a target on our backs and it became even larger since Super Bowl 52. I’m sick of hearing these hot takes and hearing these uneducated analysts take shots at us as a team, fanbase, and city. So let’s shut them up and hold it down on Sunday at the Linc. We’re Philly people, we’re never afraid of a fight. As my friend Gable would say, “we want anybody, ANYBODY!”… Let’s take this season back and get a win streak going. As Always, Fly Eagles Fly!