And… We’re Back!

9 September 2020 Opinion

Alright Eagles Fans.

We have finally arrived. It’s game week and the Eagles have an NFC East showdown with the Washington Football Team. Still getting used to saying that. After so much uncertainty we have arrived people.  Quarantine, AJ Green, Mean Joe Greene, don’t matter– Birds by 100. On a serious note though, it’s week 1 and some NFL football is exactly what we all need.

What’s better than some wings, pizza, buff chick dip and a valid excuse to miss brunch with your in laws? Nothing. When 1 pm comes, don’t bother me, don’t ask me to leave my couch, because I’m probably drinking a Bud Light pounder and already on the verge of passing out and kickoff is still 10 minutes away. Heaven on earth.

This season is like waking up from a hangover and you’re hurting, but then you head out to the kitchen and there’s a bacon, egg, and cheese on warm bagel with a coffee waiting for you. A warm welcome back to life. We are coming out of months of a shelter in place lifestyle where everything was more of the same. The idea of sports was a distant one. And even though there will not be fans, it is exciting to know football is back. Even though we will not be in the Linc, our fanbase’s presence will always be felt.

Unfortunately, the injuries are pilling up and the “doom and gloom” fans are out again… The same fans who gave up after the Miami loss and tried to sneak back onto the Wentz Wagon going into the playoffs. I get it; being an Eagles fan is one of the hardest jobs in the world. It’s Philly vs Everybody. The national media pokes at us and our local media just talks to talk. The lows are low but I would be lying if that didn’t make the highs even better. The Super Bowl is a perfect example of that. We’re a blue collar city and a blue collar fan base. We earn everything and respect is the of the utmost importance. You can’t fake being a true die hard in this city.

Listen, the amount of injuries the last few years is concerning and frankly unacceptable. But look at what we have accomplished. We have dealt with an unprecedented amount of injuries yet we have gone to the playoffs 3 straight years and secured a ring. The core of our front office, coaching staff, and team are intact. We have added young talent and vets who fit the culture. I love the energy in the locker room. This year, more than any before, the locker room and leaders like Doug and Carson will factor into the season more than ever.

We cannot have any excuses because we all know no one uses context in their conversations anymore. Even with all of the valid excuses last year, Carson put the team on his back and carried us into the playoffs. Now more than ever, he has the weight of the city on his back but he’s ready to get to work. Additions in the coaching room and skill positions helps me sleep at night. Carson is one of the best in the business outside of the pocket and with an already banged up line, we need to utilize that and make sure we roll him out.

I could talk X’s and O’s all day but this is all I have to say. Ronald Darby vs DeSean Jackson… Get #10 in all of your fantasy lineups and hammer the over on yards! If you follow me on social media, you know no one wants to see the debut of Jalen Reagor more than me. Unfortunately, we have to wait a game or two but boy, that is going to be electric when he hits the grass. I don’t think blink for a second when #18 hits the field.

Although I wish I could be with all of you tailgating and screaming “F Dallas” all year, we need to be responsible so that this season and future seasons can go on. It’s unfortunate but that is the reality we live in. So Eagles fans, whether you are at home, at a friends, or standing on a cooler outside of the Linc with a loud speaker screaming, “Haskins sits when he pees” be loud, be proud, and always know this is the best fan base in the world. I cannot wait for Sunday and for the rest of the season and I can’t wait to talk to all of you throughout the season. It’s time to fly people. As Always, Fly Eagles Fly!

Photo Credits: Yong Kim: Philadelphia Inquire

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