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For the Eagles this season, DeSean Jackson is still like a new player

15 August 2020 Uncategorized

We’ve all heard about new additions to the Philadelphia Eagles roster, but the one thing we’re forgetting is that wide receiver DeSean Jackson is practically a new addition as well.

It’s a rare case for the Eagles, a player who practiced all last training camp and had a full offseason with the team is a new addition this season. He’s been around the team, but obviously if you were around let season you know, Jackson played in just one full game.

In that game, Jackson showcased just how deadly he could be in the Eagles offense and with Carson Wentz. Jackson racked up nine receptions for 159 yards and two touchdowns. The timing between Wentz and Jackson seemed as strong as any quarterback, wide receiver in the league. We saw how good they can be together.

Fast forward to this year, Jackson looks stronger and even faster. And we know one thing this early, the timing will not be a factor.

The Eagles really just had a small sample of what Jackson would look like in their offense. His burst off the line of scrimmage can virtually be unstoppable at times. Jackson makes plays and the Eagles know this, it’s about keeping him healthy.

With time to heal following his surgery last season, it seems like he had a lot of time to focus on becoming stronger. This will help stop those muscle injuries he’s been susceptible to. With a healthy Jackson, the Eagles wide receiver corps is scary.

Adding him into the mix with Jalen Reagor, John Hightower and Quez Watkins as your speed guys is a scary thought. There’s still Alshon Jeffery, Greg Ward and JJ Archega Whiteside as options that aren’t speedsters. There’s a ton of depth and a ton of playmaking ability. For Wentz, this is all new to him, he’ll have a plethora of wide receivers to throw to from now on.

Jackson is one of the best deep threat playmakers in NFL history and that’s just not even debatable. At his age, still having the speed he does is staggering. Like forth noted, his intermediate game is just as good. Lining up as the Eagles X wide receiver he’s going to take a lot of attention away from guys like Reagor, Ward, and the tight ends Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert.

This season the Eagles are going to have one of the great problems in the NFL. That is, who do we give the ball to? Everyone can make big time plays. Jackson is one of the best, so we can imagine he’ll be a focal point of the offense. It’s going to be a fun season!

Photo: Michael Perez/ AP

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