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Eagles RB Miles Sanders is set to have a monster season

4 August 2020 Uncategorized

If there’s one member of the Philadelphia Eagles to be excited about heading into this season it’s running back Miles Sanders.

Flashback one season, Sanders was a promising running back who had the potential to carry the load for the Eagles. He ended that season in about as good as form as any running back in the league.

Sanders totaled over 1,300 yards, rushing for 818 yards and three touchdowns. To get to that 1,300 mark, he also added 509 receiving yards on 50 receptions. In total, he scored six touchdown as well. To remind everyone, he also was in a running back committee where he didn’t see much action at the beginning of the season.

To compare how great Sanders was for the Eagles, here’s some statistics comparing his first season to Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey.

Those statistics above just show you what kind of potential Sanders has in terms of production. He’s a do it all back who’s very productive with limited touches. The sky’s the limit for him.

To put that into perspective, Sanders was in for around just 52% of the Eagles offensive plays last season, around 613 plays. Jordan Howard got in a lot of work before he got injured as well as Darren Sproles. With those two out of the equation and just Boston Scott as a change of pace back, Sanders is going to be the guy for the Eagles going forward.

The thing that makes this an easy decision for the Eagles when it comes to going away from a big committee is Sanders receiving ability. He caught 50 passes last season and it’s very realistic that he catches upwards of 75 passes next season. Whether it’s a screen or wheel route, Sanders just needs to get open because he can make the catch and make a play when the ball is in his hands.

So, fast forward to this season, he’s going to be a major player in the Eagles offense. His skill set has him set to thrive as well. If his snap count goes up from just 52% to 75% you’re looking at a season where he can total around 1,700 yards and 10 touchdown pretty easily.

The Eagles haven’t had a running back as versatile as LeSean McCoy since he left and he was putting up huge number for the Eagles. Sanders has that potential, he’s going to be an exciting player for the Eagles for years to come.

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