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Please Howie Roseman, trade up and get either Ruggs, Jeudy, or Lamb

8 March 2020 Uncategorized

I hate this time of year in the NFL. That three week dead time before free agency where there is very little news, and all you can think and talk about is what your team is going to do in free agency or the draft. Well, thank God free agency is almost here.

Free agency is less than two weeks away, and it looks like we already know what the Eagles are going to do in free agency: spend big at corner. The Eagles have been linked to cornerback Byron Jones, and many around the league believe it is inevitable that the Eagles will ultimately open up the bank account and make him the highest paid corner in the league. 

Right now, Xavien Howard of the Miami Dolphins makes around $15 million per season, which makes him the highest paid corner in the league. Expect Byron Jones to make around $16 million per season. 

It makes sense that the Eagles spend big at corner and hold off on getting receivers until the draft, or get one via trade. The wide receiver market in free agency is very weak, as Amari Cooper is the only top notch guy available. I personally would pass on Amari Cooper, as he is going to covet $20 million per season most likely, which is simply way too much for a guy who has disappeared at times. 

So, what exactly should the Eagles do at wide receiver then? How do they fix this atrocity that is the wide receiver position? Well, after many weeks of mulling it over, I realized there is simply one move that they must make. The Eagles need to trade up in the draft and get either Lamb, Jeudy or Ruggs. 

I cannot take the mediocrity at this position anymore. The Eagles have not had a legit number one receiver since DeSean Jackson in 2013. DeSean put up 82 catches for 1332 yards that season, which is crazy to think about as it seems like an eternity ago. 

Besides DeSean, the Eagles have simply had below average, mediocre players at the wide receiver position minus Jeremy Maclin. Does anyone remember how much fun it was having a guy like Terrell Owens? He sparked this city, and provided a playmaker this franchise has never seen before. 

It’s time Howie goes out and gets a potential number one guy, and I believe there are three sure fire number one guys in this draft. Their names are Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb and Henry Ruggs. Now, I would take any one of these guys in a heartbeat, however there is one that I am slowly falling in love with and think the Eagles 100% need on their roster. His name is Henry Ruggs. 

Henry Ruggs is a flat out baller, and can do it all on the field. He is not only a speedster, which many people are labelling him out to be. He has a tremendous catch radius, and can win at the point of attack. Like, just take a look at this play and tell me he is only a “speed receiver” 

He can do it all, including beating you with his 4.28 speed. 

It’s hard to find an NFL comparison for him. The closest is DeSean Jackson, but Ruggs is a more polished receiver than DeSean was coming out of college. 

So what will the Eagles have to do to get one of these three game changers on their roster? Well, I think they have to get ahead of the Las Vegas Raiders at pick 12. Arizona is most likely taking a receiver at pick 8, and the Jets will most likely look at a receiver at pick 11. Las Vegas is definitely going to look at a receiver, as they are also desperate for a wideout. 

Trading with Jacksonville at 9 or Cleveland at 10 is the Eagles best way to land one of either Jeudy, Lamb or Ruggs. What will the Eagles have to give up? Well, the Steelers traded up from pick 20 to pick 10 last year and gave up a future 2nd and 3rd round pick. It will probably take a 2nd, 3rd and 4th or 5th round pick to move up to pick 9. Would I do that trade? In a heartbeat. 

Howie Roseman, it’s time we end the nonsense. I simply cannot take mediocrity at the wide receiver position anymore. Last year was a flat out disaster at wide receiver. Carson Wentz deserves better, we as Eagle fans deserve better. Go get one of these guys Howie, please.