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Draft Profile: LSU WR Justin Jefferson

15 January 2020 DRAFT

Justin Jefferson 2020 NFL Draft Profile

Measureables: 6’3″ 200 LBs

National Champion Justin Jefferson has been a personal favorite of mine for awhile. It helps that I am an LSU fan so it gave me an advantage but after the game against Oklahoma, the entire world was put on notice. With a blood of two other brothers who played at LSU, Jefferson was only a 2-star recruit but he is leaving LSU as the most accomplished and as a national champion. Jefferson is a fun loving player who is as reliable as they come. He is always open and ready to make the simple and the remarkable plays. He is a perfect size to play inside or outside. His family and past LSU receivers (Odell, Landry, Chark) will always be on him to keep progressing and striving for greatness.  His 111-1,540-18 2019 statline is incredible, especially given their level of competition. He would do great things in Philly!

Career Stats via, ESPN

111 1,540 13.9 18 71 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0
54 875 16.2 6 65 5 26 5.2 0 19 0 0

Best  Film:

Top Competition:

2019 vs Clemson 9-106

2019 vs Oklahoma 14-227-4

2019 vs Georgia 7-115-1

2019 v Texas 9-163-3

2019 v Florida 10-123-1.



  • Great size and catch radius;
  • great hands and always reliable;
  • slot and outside versatility;
  • hip fluidity and quick change of direction skills are off the charts;
  • more than willing blocker;
  • elusiveness and ball carrier awareness are incredible;
  • a quick decision-maker and will make the QB right by always finding a soft spot in coverage and come back for the ball;
  • nose for the endzone;
  • heart of a champion and strong base of family and group behind him.


  • Only two years of production but was very productive in both years;
  • needs to but easily can fill out his frame;
  • improve body positioning and leverage;
  • find ways to create more separtion.

NFL Comparison: Tyler Boyd, Robert Woods, Emmanuel Sanders

Projection: Late 1st to mid 2nd round

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