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The Eagles need to unleash their two headed monster on the Giants today

29 December 2019 Uncategorized

Big game football calls for running the ball and controlling the line of scrimmage. And, with a division crown in their sights, the Eagles will need to rely on their ground game today versus the New York Giants.

Luckily for them, they’ve got one of the best running backs of the last two weeks on their roster, Miles Sanders. He’s been a playmaker when called upon, really carrying the Eagles offense when needed.

In the last two games especially, Sanders has feasted both on the ground and in the air. In the last two weeks he picked up 172 total yards and 156 total yards respectively and he threw in a few touchdowns as well.

He’s been one of the best running backs in the league the last two weeks, an ultimate weapon for the Eagles offense. We’ve seen him progress as the weeks have gone on and now, he’s been balling.

To make things better for the Eagles, they’re getting Jordan Howard back today. He had a great season so far for the Eagles and was on a roll before he got injured. On top of the finesse running from Sanders, they get the throw in some power from Howard.

And, we cannot forget Boston Scott who’s been a big-time contributor both running and receiving for the Eagles much like Sanders. He’s converted a few big third downs for the Eagles. He’s practically a mini Darren Sproles.

They’re going against a defense that’s giving up 112 yards per game. The Giants rank 19th in the league with that number. Last time around, the Eagles 118 rushing yards, without Howard in the game.

The weather isn’t going to make passing the ball very easy, so the Eagles are going to need to rely on their run game. Their offensive line did a great job against the Dallas Cowboys front last week, they’ll need to continue that again this week.

The combination of running backs on top of the hot streak Sanders is on will make them very difficult to defend. Their mix of running backs has the ability to carry the load today and for the Eagles’ sake, that’s what they need to happen.

Photo Credit: Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

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