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Three keys to the game: Eagles vs. Cowboys

22 December 2019 Uncategorized

Y’all know what day it is, and today, for the Philadelphia Eagles to win, here’s three things that need to happen.

1. Carson Wentz leads this team to the promise land

Quarterback Carson Wentz has shown the last two games that he’s gotten this team to rally behind him. And, in those two games, Wentz has thrown for 591 yards and five touchdowns. In games where he needs to win, Wentz has been showcasing exactly what you want to see from a franchise quarterback. Two come from behind, game winning drives to win the game. Today, it’s another chance to not only get back to his normal self, but to beat the Cowboys in a big home game.

2. Fletcher Cox and the defensive line needs to show up

Fletcher Cox is a great player and it’s clear, he makes an impact without affecting the play. That’s because he draws a lot of attention. However, a player of his caliber needs to make a big play in this big game. It’s time for Cox to get a big forced fumble. He has 3.5 sacks on the season, he’s going to get to 5 after tonight.

But overall, the defensive line needs to have a big game. We know Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is not nearly as good under pressure. In a big game, the Eagles need their defensive line to impact the game and if it means just getting pressure on the quarterback, that’ll do.

3. The rookie running back puts on

Rookie running back Miles Sanders has been coming into his own as of late. Last week he compiled 172 yards and two touchdowns. He’s been getting more confident as this season has progressed and now the Eagles are reaping the benefits. His playmaking ability is going to be key today.

When it’s all said and done, the Eagles are those underdogs they were two years ago. Even at their own home, they’re not expected to win. But, like we’ve seen before, that’s exactly what they want. It’s going to be a fun one today.

Photo Credit: Alex Brandon/AP

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