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Instant Reaction: The Philadelphia Eagles defeat the Buffalo Bills 31-13

27 October 2019 Uncategorized

Well, that was exactly what this team needed. The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Buffalo Bills 31-13 on a rainy and very windy afternoon in Buffalo. 

The game didn’t start out exactly how they wanted to, as after an early field goal from the Eagles, the Bills drove right down the field and scored a touchdown on a Josh Allen connection to Cole Beasley. 


After an Eagles punt, Brandon Graham had a huge forced fumble on Josh Allen, which resulted in a Dallas Goedert touchdown. Doug Pederson utilized the screen to Jeffery to get Dallas Goedert 1-1 on a safety. Great play call from Pederson.


The Eagles converted the 2 point conversion, and went into the half up 11-7. The Eagles came out at halftime firing, as Miles Sanders took off for a 65 yard run on only the second play in the 2nd half.


A well designed play from Doug Pederson, as Jordan Howard paved the way for Miles Sanders first rushing touchdown in the NFL.

The game was 24-13 with 14:28 left in the 4th quarter, and the Eagles offense put the nail in the coffin on this game. 

The drive started on their own 17 yard line, and they absolutely shoved it down the Bills throat. A 14 play, 83 yard drive capped off by a Jordan Howard 4 yard touchdown, which ultimately cemented the win for the Eagles. 


This was the Eagles offense that everyone was waiting for. This game was exactly what fans were waiting to see from Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson. They were on the same page all game, and it helped that their offensive line were able to bully the Bills defensive line all game. 

Wentz was solid all game, even if the numbers don’t show it. He was able to keep the offense on the field in the 2nd half, and a couple of drive saving scrambles from Wentz was the difference on that 14 play drive. 

The Eagles will leave Buffalo 4-4 and feeling good after that win. Expect Howie Roseman to be active before the trade deadline on Tuesday.