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Behind their rushing attack, the Eagles overpowered the Bills

27 October 2019 Uncategorized

The Eagles went up to Buffalo and used their rushing attack to their advantage as they went on to dominate the Bills 31-13.

It’s clear, in the NFL, you have a lot of success when you run the ball. It’s much easier said then done, but when you have the success the Eagles has today; you’ll always be in a good spot.

When the game was over, the Eagles put up 218 yards rushing. Running back Jordan Howard led the way with 96 yards and one touchdown on 23 carries. Rookie Miles Sanders added 74 yards and a touchdown of his own. He broke off a 65 yard touchdown, which was the Eagles best run play of the year.

Running the ball, you tend to overlook the offensive line. They were fantastic today, creating the room for the running backs to break free.

Coming into the game, the Bills had the tenth ranked run defense averaging just 92 yards against a game. With the weather a factor, it was almost a perfect game for their defense to shine. Against the odds, the Eagles were able to run at will and control the game especially in the second half.

Bringing it back to the Eagles, we’ve seen them win big games this season behind their rushing attack. Obviously getting early points and the weather helped their case, but it was nice to see them stick with the run.

When quarterback Carson Wentz has an established run game, he doesn’t have to do it all on his own. His life is made a lot easier, today he just had to pass for 174 yards and one touchdown, and in fact, he added 38 rushing yards of his own.

Behind the offensive line, the Eagles can run the ball on anyone. It says a lot when you can gash open the Bills defense for 218 yards. Going forward, it’s important to keep the run game the number one priority. It makes the Eagles offense a lot better as a whole and with the run game, the Eagles can win next week versus the Chicago Bears.


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