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Recap: Eagles fall to 3-3 after losing to Vikings 38-20

13 October 2019 Uncategorized

  Right from the get go, we knew this game wasn’t going to be pretty. The Philadelphia Eagles went to Minnesota and left with another one in the losing column.

To start the game, the Vikings moved right down the field and had a field day with the Eagles secondary. Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins found wide receiver Adam Thielen for an easy touchdown to start things off. It was at that moment, we knew the Eagles were in for it.

Another slow start killed the Eagles as right after, the Vikings drove down and got a field goal. Playing catch-up is never easy, especially when the Vikings wide receivers had a clear advantage over the Eagles secondary.

Answering next with a field goal of their own the Eagles made it a one score game after playing defense most of the first quarter. Then, next drive for the Vikings resulted in a 62 yard Stefon Diggs touchdown. Diggs then scored another 51 yard touchdown, having his way with the Eagles secondary once again, making it 24-3. That touchdown was answered by an Eagles touchdown, where Carson Wentz found Miles Sanders for a touchdown. That 32 yard touchdown was Sanders first of the year making the score 24-10.

After halftime the Eagles got the call, drove down the field and Wentz made a magic play. He found wide receiver Alshon Jeffery in the end zone which would be their last touchdown of the day, score 24-17. After another Diggs touchdown and a Dalvin Cook one yard score to top things off, the Eagles fell 38-20 to the Vikings.

Another game where the Eagles defense just hasn’t been good. All year, opposing quarterbacks put up big numbers against this team. It’s going to be week seven, when are things going to change?

The offense can only keep up for so long. Are they perfect right now too? Definitely not but Wentz is playing good football, the run game is somewhat there and they’re good enough to win. Defensively, the Eagles are one of the worst in the league right now.

What more motivation is there for this team to use than it’s a potential big year for them. The division is there for the taking and this roster is more than talented enough to win. The secondary is a major concern and something has to be fixed moving forward.

They are getting a few pieces back to the puzzle next week as Jalen Mills is slated to return. Also, Ronald Darby and Cre’Von LeBlanc should be back soon as well. Right now, the Eagles are 3-3 with a trip to Dallas next week and things need to improve if they’re to win.