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2 More Days Until Kickoff

6 September 2019 Uncategorized

With only 2 days until kickoff is there is anyone better to get you pumped up to take on an NFC East division rival than David Akers? I get it. Kickers aren’t everyone’s favorite position. Kindergarten classrooms aren’t filled with 5-6 year olds raising theirs hands sharing their future aspirations to be an NFL kicker. If there is one, I would have one message. If you are going to be a kicker, be David Akers.

Akers is undeniably the greatest kicker in Eagles history. The 6-time Pro Bowler set the NFL record for Field Goals in a season. Akers wasn’t just a volume kicker. He could do it all. Volume, accuracy and distance. In 2002, he has his best season with an outstanding 88% accuracy rate. Ten years later, he nailed a 63-yard FG tying an NFL all-time record for longest FG in history as a member of the 49ers. Matt Prater broke the record the following season, Akers still made his mark in the record books.

Akers played 11 seasons as a Philadelphia Eagle setting the record for all-time points in a single decade. His 1,169 points from 2000-2009 went down in the record books. Stephen Gostkowski edged him out last decade as the NFL put a larger emphasis on scoring.  Akers was a big part of the Andy Reid era, and helped the Philadelphia Eagles push through the postseason several years. He drilled 35 postseason FG’s including a streak of 19 straight.

David Akers may have played for several teams in his NFL career, but he will always be an Eagle. There was one moment that personified Akers connection to the Eagles fans. It was the 2018 draft. Akers roasted Cowboys fans on behalf of Philadelphia echoing the sediments fans have been screaming for over a decade. Others have tried to dupilicate, but nobody did like David Akers. Nobody does it like Philadelphia. #FlyEaglesFly





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