12 Days’ Until Kickoff

27 August 2019 Eagles News

The countdown continues Eagles fans. In honor of 12 days’ until kickoff, I am pleased to highlight one of the most electric players to ever play in the NFL, quarterback, Randall Cunningham. If I had a time machine, I’d go back a few decades just to watch number 12 spin it in the Vet. Growing up, my dad and his brother’s would show me highlights of Randall I would just watch in awe as he would elude push rushers, accelerate past defensive backs, and throw the ball 60 yards plus while on the run. My generation had Michael Vick, my parents generation had Randall.

Randall Cunningham had a 16-year long career with 11 of those wearing Kelly green. He was selected 37th overall by the Eagles in the 1985 NFL Draft. The young quarterback sat behind veteran Ron Jaworski in the 1985 an 1986 seasons, playing sparingly on third downs or emergency situations; however, new head coach, Buddy Ryan knew Randall was his guy. The young rookie caught some heat from the vets on the team for refusing to sing the fight song which was a team tradition. Randall knew he was a star in the making and carried himself that way. He was just buying his time until he was in charge. In 1987, Randall was handed the keys to the car and took off racing.

By the 1988 season, the whole league was on notice after watching Randall light up his opponents week in and week out. He would be named the starting QB for the NFC in the Pro-Bowl (and named Pro-Bowl MVP) and an All-Pro at the end of the season. Randall continued to make electrifying plays every week; however, one of the most incredible moments was 2 during the 1989 season against the Giants when Randall unleashed a 91-yard punt. That punt remains the longest in franchise history and fourth longest in NFL history. Randall punted a total of 20 times in his NFL career for an average of 44. 7 yards per punt.

Throughout the decade that Randall was here, the Eagles had some of the most talented players to ever suit up in an Eagles uniform. Unfortunately, the team could not get over the hump and failed to ever win that coveted Super Bowl. That 1992 Eagles team is one of the best in franchise history as they landed in the top 10 of category on both sides of the ball. After 11 regular season wins, the NFC East crown and an average margin of victory of 12.7 points, the Eagles failed to reach the NFC Championship game.

In 1995, Randall retired from the Eagles and the NFL. Although he did return to the league in 1997 to play for the Vikings, fan’s recognize Randall as an Eagle and only an Eagle. After the 1995 season, he left with the third most rushing yards in franchise history with 4,482, behind Hall of Famer Steve Van Buren and Wilbert Montgomery. Since then, he has dropped to sixth all-time after being supplanted by Duce StaleyBrian Westbrook, and LeSean McCoy. Additionally, he was second in passing yards behind Ron Jaworski with 22,877; both were passed by Donovan McNabb a decade later. Randall still holds the franchise record with 6.62 yards per rush and unfortunately with 422 sacks taken over his career.

It is almost a crime that the Birds did not win a championship in the Randall Cunningham era, but that’s the case for a lot of teams with a lot of their quarterbacks. That is why winning a Super Bowl is so special. Only the members of those 53 teams in history can say they have done it. Randall did leave a lasting legacy in the league as players today watch his tape today and are still mystified by his incredible play. Although Randall is a one of a kind talent, number 11 ain’t too bad himself. Tune in tomorrow for a reminder of how special our current QB1 is. As Always, Fly Eagles Fly!