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How Signing Josh McCown Impacts the 2019 Season

17 August 2019 Uncategorized

Philadelphia sport’s news has been buzzing the last few days due to the addition of the wise and almighty Charlie Manuel to the Phillies coaching staff. The Phillies, specifically Bryce and JT have been on fire since the veteran coach has revived the fighting spirit to the team. The Eagles took a play out of the Phillies playbook this morning and decided to bring another veteran out of retirement. The Philadelphia Eagles and 16-year veteran QB Josh McCown agreed to a one-year deal that includes $2 million guaranteed and could be worth up to $5.4 million. We are Josh’s 11th NFL team in his career.

There are two immortal men who play in the NFL. Oddly enough, they both fly under the radar but are respected across the league. The first is Frank Gore. Nobody knows how old Frank is, including himself. He just shows up to camp every year and then casually rushes for 1,000 yards every year. The other player is Josh McCown. For those of you not caught up to speed with the legend that is Josh’s NFL career, it has been a LONG and wild ride.

The moment I really took notice of McCown was in 2016. It was week 1 and I was just watching the Browns game because Johnny “Football” Manziel was in his rookie year. All of a sudden, on a third and goal from the 14, I see Josh McCown take off toward the end zone. McCown leaps from the 3-yard line and is met by two defensive players and helicopters into the end zone. Unfortunately, the Browns are gonna Browns and the ball was knocked loose before he scored and the play ended as a touch back. However, I was really impressed by how McCown played that season. Manziel has stated numerous times that Josh was and still is always there for him to talk football or just for life in general. Manziel regrets not taking advise from a lot of players but he knows that McCown specifically did his best to help Manziel’s career and life.

So how will McCown help the 2019 Eagles? In my opinion, I think he will help in more ways than you could ever imagine. Josh McCown can still spin the football but more importantly, he is like having another coach on the sidelines. Sam Darnold of the New York Jets was attached at the hips with Josh last year. Although Darnold struggled at times, he kept fighting and growing all year. Now, Darnold looks like a player ready to make a big leap in 2019. McCown will be able to shed so much knowledge on Carson. There are so many little tips and tricks in the game of football that can give you the slightest edge. McCown will be able to see things from the sideline that he has experienced before and be able to relate and help Carson as soon as he gets back to the sideline.

Another major reason I love the McCown signing is because he will give the guys fighting for a roster spot great reps. Thorson stepped up on Thursday and did well, but remember, he is a rookie and is figuring stuff out for himself. McCown is going to go out there and set these young guys up for success. I find it disheartening when young guys with great potential only see targets from quarterbacks who won’t even make the roster. If McCown is hitting you in stride and you drop the ball, then at least we all know that it was ever meant to be rather than never knowing if the guy could really ball out for us. It sounds like McCown’s signing will have him be the two until Sudfeld is back around week 3/4, Thorson will back up McCown as the 3, and Kessler will most likely be released.

McCown has stated before that he can learn a playbook in hours so I expect him to play this week. After playing for nearly two decades, McCown is ready to bring his experience and incredible locker room presence to the city of Philadelphia. I for one could not be happier about the signing. Five months ago I wanted to sign Josh as our back up in hopes that he would bridge the gap between back up QB and offensive coordinator that was left with the departure of Foles and Frank Reich. Now it is a reality that Carson will be backed up by one of the most knowledgeable men in the entire league and a guy who is only two years removed from throwing for nearly 3,000 yards and for 18 touchdowns in only 13 games. We are luck to have him in midnight green and he could be a key piece in what should be another Super Bowl season. As Always, Fly Eagles Fly!

Career Stats

Here are some fun facts about Josh:

  • Larry Fitzgerald‘s first reception was thrown by McCown
  • In 2006, while on the Detroit Lions, McCown played several snaps at receiver
  • Quarterback of the Bears with Alshon Jeffery in 2013. Alshon finished the year with 89 catches, 1421 yards, and 7 TDs that year
  • McCown played with Emmit Smith in Arizona who was born in the 60s and will play with Miles Sanders this year who was born in 1997

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