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23 Days until Kickoff

16 August 2019 Uncategorized

There may not be a Philadelphia Eagle who has a bigger impact on the National Football League than No. 23. After being drafted 7th overall by the Miami Dolphins in 1992, Troy Vincent signed with the Eagles four years later. Vincent was a signature signing in 1996 for an Eagles organization that wanted to a new direction under a new owner, Jeffrey Lurie. By Andy Reid’s arrival in 1999, Troy Vincent established himself as a leader and made his first of five straight Pro Bowl appearances. Eras represent different things for different people. The early 2000s represented a permanent change for this young football fan who had wondered previously if losing and frustration was just the way it would always be. The good guys didn’t always win, and that was okay. That all changed in the early 2000s. The good guys started winning. Number 23 was a big part of the reason.
Vincent played eight seasons with the Eagles from 1996 to 2003. He was the anchor on the outside that allowed Jim Johnson to dial up those ultra-aggressive blitz packages that sent us flying off our couches on Sunday. The Eagles went to three consecutive NFC championships with Vincent. They may not have ended as desired, but they definitely set a new standard for Eagles football in the city of Philadelphia. Beloved by his teammates and around the NFL, Vincent was the recipient of the 2002 Walter Payton Man of the Year Award and inducted into the Eagles Hall of Fame in 2012.
Vincent hung up his cleats in 2006, but he was just starting to put in work. Thirteen years later, his impact on football is larger than ever. A proponent to giving back to the game, the high-character Vincent continues his community involvement and philanthropic efforts while serving as the EVP of Football Operations for the NFL. Many have dubbed Vincent to be the successor to Roger Goodell as commissioner of the NFL. Eagle’s fans experienced firsthand how Vincent’s dedication and leadership made the Eagle’s organization better. As he continues to do the same for the entire NFL, Philadelphia will always be his home. #FlyEaglesFly
Photo credit : Getty Images

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