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25 Days Until Eagles football

14 August 2019 Uncategorized

There’s just 25 days until the Eagles kick off versus the Washington Redskins. To celebrate, we’re going to talk to you about arguably the Eagles best running back ever, LeSean McCoy.

McCoy, drafted to his hometown team from the University of Pittsburgh, he always displayed passion for the Eagles and the city. When a player who knows what it takes to play in Philadelphia comes through the ranks and succeeds, it’s makes his story even better.

Two particular seasons stand out when you look into McCoy’s tenure in the Eagles. In 2011, McCoy ran for 1,309 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns. He also added 315 receiving yards and three touchdowns. In 2013, McCoy rushed for 1,607 yards and nine touchdowns, and in that season he added 539 yards receiving and two more touchdowns.

In his prime, McCoy was virtually unstoppable. He had amazing Thanksgiving games for the Eagles, the Snow Bowl and on a few occasions his games which he ran for over 180 yards. His elusive running style put on many shows for the people at the Linc.

The man is a legend in Philadelphia, he’s their all time leading rusher with 6,792 yards and 44 touchdowns As well as being their all time leading rusher, McCoy is the Eagles all time single season rushing leader when he broke the 1,512 yard record by Wilbert Montgomery. That was the year he rushed for 1,607.

The legend of Shady McCoy was ripped away from us by this evil man named Chip Kelly, trading away the Eagles all time leading rusher for Kiko Alonso. It wasn’t the best move the Eagles have made. Although McCoy’s career is slowing down, he still experienced some great years in Buffalo. But, it’s save to say his best was in Philadelphia.


Photo Credit: Rich Shultz/ Getty Images