Roster Move: Eagles ink TE Richard Rodgers to a two year contract

28 March 2019 NFL News & Updates

The Eagles have signed tight end Richard Rodgers to a two year deal.

Rodgers did not play for the Eagles last season after suffering a knee injury in the preseason. Coming back to the team, he’ll be their third tight end, where his main responsibility will be blocking.

Also, Rodgers adds some special teams ability to a team that loves to make sure their special teams unit is up to par. Winning all phases of the game is important for the Eagles.

There’s no saying the cap space the Eagles committed to him, but it’s not likely to be too much of a big deal. It’s more about having a quality third toght end on the roster to help lighten the load and that’ll be especially important if the Eagles are to use a lot more 12 personnel this season.

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports Imaging