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The Eagles are ready to go to New Orleans and avenge their week 11 loss

11 January 2019 Uncategorized

If you’re the Philadelphia Eagles, how confident should you be in their matchup versus the New Orleans Saints this Sunday?

Even though they are playing the NFC’s number one seed, the matchup doesn’t seem too one sided. The Eagles are one of the hotter teams in the league right now and are coming into this game hot and motivated to win more than ever. 

No one counted on the Eagles to get the job done versus the Chicago Bears. Right now, they’re playing with house money, but make no mistake about it, they’re here to win. 

Looking back on the week 11 matchup which saw the Eagles fall to the Saints 48-7, the Eagles were picked apart by the Saints air attack. Quarterback Drew Brees threw for 363 yards and four touchdowns on just 22 completions. It was a nightmare for the secondary which at that point in the season was a mess. 

That game was a learning experience for the Eagles and now, they’ve grown stronger. The defense, especially the secondary, has molded back into a top defense in the league. Red zone wise, the Eagles rank as one of the best. Getting constant pressure, the Eagles front four have been able to make their mark on every single game during this seven game run they’ve been on. 

Offensively, with Nick Foles commanding the offense, they’ve been able to get the ball out quickly. This has helped their offense line out, but as a whole, the offensive line coming together has been a huge resurgence for the group as a whole. 

With everything finally clicking and the ski mask swag, this playoff showdown will show no remnants from the matchup  earlier this season. Forget that game, it’s time to move on, come Sunday it’s game time and rightfully so, the Eagles have every chance in the world.  


Photo Credit: Mark Tenally/AP