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The late emergence of wide receiver Nelson Agholor can really help the Eagles against the Bears

3 January 2019 Uncategorized

After having what seemed to be an up and down year, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor has broken out in the teams’ last two games and he is ready to make his mark on this season’s playoffs.

In a season where Agholor caught 64 passes for 736 yards and four touchdowns, it is easy to say it has been a down year. And yes, there is some truth to that, however, he ended the season with two more receptions than last season as well as around the same amount of yards. He scored four fewer touchdowns, but now, in the last two games, he’s back.

Against the Houston Texans, Agholor caught seven passes for 116 yards and one touchdown. His success continued the next week when he hauled in six receptions for 40 yards and two touchdowns. In two games he put up 156 yards and three touchdowns. When the ball has not been able to find Agholor, he has developed into a really good blocker. For some, Agholor’s dirty work has gone unnoticed, but for the Eagles, it is definitely appreciated.

But, going back to his impact, Agholor has become the deep threat the Eagles need. Being able to stretch the field is a big need in the NFL and over the last two weeks, the Eagles have been able to accomplish that with Agholor. Nothing is more indicative of this than his touchdown versus the Texans. Agholor took the top off of the defense and beat a very good player in Tyrann Mathieu. This 83-yard touchdown became the Eagles second longest next to the Michael Vick to DeSean Jackson 91 yard touchdown.

This is going to be a big factor against the Bears. The Bears have a very good defense that has the potential to cause havoc, especially if they are not threatened downfield. Keeping them honest will be a big part of the gameplan for the Eagles. Dealing with the Bears’ front four is enough, they cannot let the Bears dial up a lot of quarterback pressure early in the game. Having Agholor and just connecting on one big play will change the way the Bears will go about their defense. In a game that is likely going to come down to a few big plays, this is going to have a major role in the outcome of the game.

When it comes down to it, the Eagles need Agholor to make a big play in these important games and if the past two games are any indication, he is up for the challenge. Peaking at the right time, Agholor is ready to help the Eagles make a run in the playoffs.


Photo Credit: YONG KIM Philly.com