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More than a rivalry, today’s game has even more meaning

9 December 2018 Uncategorized

It’s Dallas which means one thing, we simply cannot lose. 

Beating the Dallas Cowboys today would give the Eagles a 47% chance of winning the division. Compared to a meager, less than one percent if they lose. Which means, if the Eagles lose this game, they also lose the division. 

But, with that being said, the Eagles can still make the playoffs, but they’d have to go about it through the wildcard. Making it through the wild card is still in play for the Eagles for sure, as right now they sit a half a game back. But, the Eagles do not want to lose the division this early and lose it by losing today to the Cowboys. 

Which can only mean one thing… it’s time to hunker down and play the best football of the season. When the Eagles are on, they are on. The Eagles have been hitting a stride as of late, stringing together a two game winning streak. 

To win today, they need to win at the line of scrimmage. But, what it’s going to come down to is individual players making players. Whether offensive or defensive, a play is a play. It could be a sack, interception, nice run after catch, a big conversion or even a clutch field goal, you get the message. Whoever comes ready to play and is hungry to win will win today. 

The Eagles are use to playing against all odds. And today, they need to bring back that mentality and play Eagles football. It’s a big game and one that carries immense importance. It’s a must win game and if you’re the Eagles, there’s no time for mistakes. Lose and the divisional race is over, so do not lose this one.