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Today we find out just what the Eagles are made of

18 November 2018 Uncategorized

 Today’s the day we find out just what this team is made of. Below .500 and struggling, the Eagles can not afford to lose to the New Orleans Saints today. 

The NFC East is still there and time is slowly dwindling down. The Eagles can not lose today to the Saints. So far this season, the Eagles have lost very close games. In those games, they just weren’t themselves and really hadn’t show the NFL just who they are this season. There’s losing and then there’s losing with style. That’s when you lose after giving it everything you’ve got. The Eagles are a team in no position to lose, but if they are to lose, let’s see a great team effort. 

With that being said, today’s about winning and only winning. Under dogs for the first time since the Super Bowl, no one thinks the Eagles will win. And, why should they? The Eagles are facing the league’s hottest team and are the away team. That’s the stuff that should fuel the team. The Eagles are a team of men who are already counted out. You’re at your strongest when you’re out to prove people wrong. Today, the Eagles need to prove not just the league wrong, but even themselves. 

This team is as good as last season talent wise. There’s no reason they should be losing they way they have. Everyone needs to pick it up and be accountable. Accountability starts up too and trickles down. Behind better play calling, the play should pick up. Either way, with the playoffs to fight for, the Eagles need to be as hungry for a win as they were the Super Bowl last season. After all, it’s pretty much playoff football from here on out where every game has immense importance. 


Photo Credit: AP Photo/Matt Rourke