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The Eagles run game has been non a cause for concern but here’s how they can fix it

13 November 2018 Uncategorized

A constant theme for the Eagles has been the lack of run game. And, going forward, it’s definitely a cause for concern. 

The Eagles rank 22nd in the NFL in rushing with just around 102 yards a game. That’s a very poor number, considering Los Angeles Rams running back is averaging around 98 yards a game by himself. 

Currently on the Eagles roster, their leading rusher is Wendell Smallwood with just 261 yards on 62 carries. Next is Jay Ajayi with 184 yards on 45 carries, Corey Clement with 180 yards on 55 carries then Josh Adams with 154 yards on 27 carries. The telling statistic here is Adams averages 5.7 yards a carry, but is seeing the less work out of all the backs. 

The major concern with this group isn’t the yards, it’s the touchdowns. Out of the active running backs, they’ve only managed three rushing touchdowns, Clement has two and Smallwood has one. The Eagles run game isn’t getting into the end zone at all. 

This season, the Eagles haven’t found the answer at running back like they did last season. There’s no consistency at all and the position has become a nightmare. Between not getting anyone going to having them struggle when called upon, the Eagles have had zero luck. Losing Ajayi was a big blow because no one has stepped up. 

However, looking the part has been Adams who’s been their best running back when used. He’s just not frequently used. Today, offensive coordinator Mike Groh spoke about him and said the Eagles want him more involved. If that happens, the Eagles could not just only establish a run game, but establish a running back. 

Is using just Adams the answer?

Not necessarily, however, by making him the feature back, the Eagles get him going. It’s hard for a running back to get going get one carry here and there. Adams has had major success running the ball this season and the Eagles need to use that to their advantage. Running with committee only works when one of your running backs is able to break down the defense so much so that when it comes time for the others to run, there’s the opportunity. Right now, the Eagles haven’t established one singular runner and because so, the rest struggle. Last season, LeGarrette Blount set the tone and the others benefited. We need to see that same formula this season.

Regardless of who, someone needs to step up and carry the Eagles going forward. Piggy backing off of the run game gives everyone success and so far this season, the absence of the run game has been a big reason why the Eagles have struggled this season. 


Photo Credit: USA Today Images

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